Zomei Z818c Vs Z888c Vs Z669c Tripods

Zomei Z818c Vs Z888c Vs Z669c Tripods

When you are going to do photographic work, it is good to have all the elements to have a better material when creating photos. In the case of videos, a little more precision is required to avoid finding movements in the content, so specialists usually compare Zomei Z818c vs. Z888c vs. Z669c.

These tripods have been on the market for several years, but in 2022 they have become more famous given the need for different visual creations. It is not a secret to anyone that confinement has led humanity to enjoy digital entertainment, and it will always need quality production in established spaces.

Therefore, using these tripods in any camera is of great help, but it is always better to know what the characteristics of each one are before making any purchase. No matter why you want a tripod, consider this Zomei Z818c vs Z888c vs Z669c comparison, knowing everything you need to meet your needs.

Zomei Z818c Tripod Review

Being as main in comparing Zomei Z818c Vs Z888c, this tripod has elements that make it compact and easy to use to increase its stability. It is a multifunctional tool that varies in size and weighs no more than 1.60 kg, which allows it to be easily transported in its corresponding bag integrated into the purchase.

This tripod has a hook underneath on which you can hang your weight for greater stability. Presenting dark colours and resistant materials in its designs is an ideal tool for any environment, standing out when comparing Zomei Z818z vs. Z888c vs. Z669c.

Do you want a compact and lightweight tripod? Do not doubt that the Zomei Z818c can count on what you want so much. Feels functional with many types of cameras. There will be no space without you being able to capture with this great tool with a 360 ° swivel range on whatever surface you place.


  • It has materials such as carbon fiber and protective rubbers.
  • It has three legs for adjusting angles in different positions for greater flexibility when taking pictures and videos in uneven spaces.
  • Adjustable leg lock rotary control.
  • Height tango from 22 “to 65”.
  • Its Sweep Panorama Dial makes it possible to fine-tune shots for the best quality.

Pros and Cons


  • The leg tripod can be 180 ° and can be folded 18 “.
  • Can be converted to a monopod by screwing the column centre plate and full-size legs together.
  • Can carry up to 15kg, with a mounting lens attached for easier release and reliable stability.


  • It does not have a minimum height of less than 56 cm.
  • Its colour combinations are only black and blue.
  • Having 4 legs can be a bit uncomfortable on uneven surfaces

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Zomei Z888c Tripod Review

This comparison of Zomei Z818c Vs. Z888c allows highlighting this tripod as one of the best known and most functional of the brand. Being compatible with any camera, it has excellent adaptations for different spaces and environments that have the best or worst stabilities for taking pictures or videos.

Its design is of a new generation, presenting high-density carbon fibre tubes before eight different layers of the material in a staggered way to strengthen its structure. In addition, it is resistant to different environments and temperatures no matter how strong they are, which is very prominent among the Zomei Z818c vs. Z888c vs. Z669c, the best tripods on the market.

Without a doubt, when it comes to safety and support, the Z888c tripod is one of the best alternatives you can find on the market by noticing the Zomei Z818c Vs. Z888c comparisons, you will achieve high quality and lightweight material for your camera in shooting different spaces and climates.


  • Its tube is compatible with optimized angles to present greater rigidity and stability.
  • Thanks to its quick-release system, it is up to 46 cm long when folded for greater convenience when transporting it in its respective bag.
  • Presents a 12-month warranty and 45-day return after purchase.
  • Weighs 1.56 kg.
  • Its height range is from 22 “to 65”.
  • It can measure up to 180 ° and fold up to 18 “.
  • Can be converted to a monopod and tripod when preferred.

Pros and Cons


  • Supports up to 15 kg.
  • Presents compatibility with any camera and 360 ° rotation range.
  • Does not require batteries.
  • The entire system and legs are completely removable.
  • It has carbon and aluminium fibres in its components.


  • Works better as a monopod than a tripod.
  • The combination of black and orange can be very striking for night environments.
  • The camera support is not very versatile, so it limits its use.
  • It may be too low for images reversed with the tripod.

Zomei Z669c Tripod Review

Once the closed comparison of Zomei Z818c Vs., Z888c is known. It is prudent to highlight that another very efficient and beneficial tripod is the Zomei Z669c. It belongs to the brand for presenting excellent quality and functionalities that an accessory that was not part of Zomei would not present.

Its updated version has increased its rigidity and absorbs high-efficiency impacts for greater resistance to shocks and drastic temperatures. With amazing corrosion resistance, it is almost impossible for your accessories to be damaged by long storage times and environmental changes. When it comes to durability, the Zomei Z669c is the best option.

The Zomei Z669c tripod is, without a doubt, the best option when it comes to finding excellent stability when there are movements that affect camera shots. Given its versatile functionalities, it is easy to use and stable in the different spaces you are using it.


  • It has a ball head for digital cameras and DSLRs.
  • Works for outdoor activities.
  • Presents flexible handling for better transfers.
  • Presents high-density carbon fibre tubes at eight different angles with staggered blades.
  • It has a high-temperature cure and high precision strengthening polymeric structures.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a folded length of 350mm.
  • Its maximum height is 1.50m.
  • Features a 360 ° rotating fluid head, ideal for panoramic recordings.
  • It has a double hydraulic PTZ level and 3 PTZ design buttons.
  • Its leg closure is quick release and works with practical handling on uneven surfaces.


  • It has only three legs, which can be detrimental when looking for more support.
  • Your turning tools are very delicate.
  • It is not very helpful in closed spaces.
  • Not all cameras adapt to their rotating surfaces.
  • It may present factory faults in its height measurements.

Zomei Z818c Vs Z888c Vs Z669c Tripods – Winner?

Before making purchases, especially with electronic materials and accessories, it is important to compare the best options on the market. Undoubtedly, an excellent and highly named brand in 2022 is Zomei, so it is impossible not to take their tripods into account when used for cameras.

Previously, the characteristics of the Zomei Z818c Vs. Z888c Vs. Z669c could be noted in great detail, with very outstanding tripods among various options. Considering its characteristics and generalities, carbon frames and rubbers that adhere to uneven surfaces stand out.

It is also possible to notice among the Zomei Z818c Vs. Z888c that there are rotating heads with 360° ranges for different environments. However, the Zomei Z669c has higher mounts for extreme climates, which makes it a tool that offers greater durability in using any camera.

The latter also has better measurements when fully lengthened and smaller when stored or used as a monopod. Many specialists in the field tend to prefer the Zomei Z669c for its great versatility and diverse functionalities, achieving a longer duration of the materials.

However, questioning the best option lies in knowing what is needed on the tripod you are looking for. The Zomei Z818c Vs. Z888c comparison is the tightest found here, but it always highlights the Zomei Z669c alternative over the other two for its beneficial measurements and helpful angles.

In addition, it features a design and colors that can be placed in the darkest places that exist for better camouflage. Some work was taking photographs in landscapes, and they can realize that in comparing Zomei Z818c Vs. Z888c they do not meet all the necessary characteristics to achieve it.

Therefore, no matter what activity you will practise with the tripod, the Zomei Z669c is the most appropriate option on the market. You don’t have another tripod to look for, this will be your best choice, and if you have multiple cameras, you can increase the number of tripods for better image work.


As previously noted, tripods have different functionalities, which are not always the same for each model. Even being all belong to the same brand, you can find notable differences when making comparisons, such as the Zomei Z818c Vs. Z888c Vs. Z669c, which is more evident when using these tools.

The best option among the three presented is the Zomei Z669c tripod, functional for any camera that you want to use. However, the comparisons between Zomei Z818c Vs. Z888c is something that cannot reject in this wide aftermarket.

If you require simpler functionalities, the tripods in the last comparison are the right ones for your videos and photos. Do not hesitate to go to Zomei to find any of these options or other basic alternatives in video cameras.



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