Why Are Gimbals So Expensive?

The questions about gimbals and how much they cost keep increasing day by day. It can be quite surprising how something so light and small costs that much. Well, like every other product, there are …

Why Are Gimbals So Expensive?

Why Are Gimbals So Expensive?

The questions about gimbals and how much they cost keep increasing day by day. It can be quite surprising how something so light and small costs that much. Well, like every other product, there are reasons behind a selling price. 

Why Are Gimbals So Expensive?

Expensive is quite a scary word to use. Instead of being expensive, I would say they have high values. If you have been using gimbals, you would know they offer a lot of services that undoubtedly cause it to cost as much as it does. But then, expensive can quite cut its description considering what happened years ago. 

If you remember when the DJI Ronin M was released in 2013. A lot of gimbal users were happy and even celebrated its release. It is no surprise that the reason was because of the price. Anyone would wonder why a $1399 item, that price was celebrated that much.

Let me tell you why. It was because, at that price, the DJI Ronin M was the cheapest gimbal in the market at the time. Gimbals are actually worth the price. Well, most of them are.

And if you are asking why here are a couple of reasons:

  • The new form of technology

Like every other technological device, when gimbals were newly released, they were limited to a small number of users. This to some extent showed rank and status. But that aside, the materials and techniques employed for the manufacturing of handheld items are quite demanding and expensive. Hence the reason for the price of the end product. 

  • They get the job and even more done

Products that do as they say meet the expectations of the buyers. When this happens, it does not matter the price of the product. Some people even choose to get expensive ones because they believe they have more features. Even, the features are smart and of high quality. Performances might defer but gimbals promise to up your games. Some of them even come with their own tripod. 

Imagine having to hire a professional to shoot your videos, that’s even more expensive. But a gimbal serves as your own personal professional videographer not one time, not even two times but possibly for years. 

  • Its build, material, and design

The materials and design built in a gimbal were carefully selected. Gimbal manufacturers understand that some jobs might take hours to complete, so they pick light yet durable materials. You would agree with me that high quality materials are expensive. The primary purpose of gimbals is to stabilize the camera. This is why manufacturers build the gimbals to be sturdy. And these materials do not cost little.

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How Much Does a Gimbal Cost?

The price of a gimbal depends on the brand, its quality, sometimes the size, and a couple of other factors. The type of gimbals, what you want to use them for, and with also counts.

For instance, a gimbal for cameras and smartphones could be gotten at a price ranging from $35 to $150. A gimbal for DSLR or mirrorless cameras can cost up to $150 and above. 

Does a Gimbal Make a Difference?

Of course, they do. Gimbals in place of tripods can shoot still pictures. But unlike tripods, it can be from an awkward position. Gimbals reduce and even most times reduce the chances of getting shaky movement in the video. It can correct expected and even unexpected jolts and bumps while working. All of these are done with the help of algorithms, gyroscopes, and motors. 

You might be wondering since the gimbals have motors, they are most likely to produce noise while in use. Well, No it doesn’t. The motors are engineered with systems that keep the motors noiseless thereby producing a clear and perfect video. Gimbals allow you to move easily while working, unlike tripods or monopods.

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Recommended List of Affordable Gimbals 

Luckily, now there are gimbals that cost less than the DJI Ronin M did in 2013 and are still effective. There are now many options of them and it can even be a little difficult to pick one without emptying your bank account. So here, I have made a list of a couple of gimbals that are affordable but still amongst the best.

Now, before you go on to the list, you should know that the gimbals listed below are DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Cameras not in that category are the action cameras and yeah, phone cameras. Those gimbals can cost as little as $50. For videographers who prefer their rig to include a mirrorless or DSLR camera then this list is for you. 

  • FeiyuTech AK4000s

Offering a payload of 8.8 pounds, this gimbal can hold cameras of heavyweights. Although it weighs more than its peers on its own, it can be detached for easy transportation. The problem comes when you have to work for long hours or set it up. The setup can be a little tasking. 

The FeiyuTech embodies way fewer buttons, unlike other gimbals. In place of those buttons,  it comes with an easy-to-read OLED touch screen. Another feature it has unlike other gimbals is its back motor. The back motor does not block the screen of your camera. It also comes with a 2200mAh battery that can last for up to 12 hours when fully charged.

The FeiyuTech AK4000s is a powerful and affordable accessory to add to your collection. 

  • Zhiyun Crane M2

Zhiyun has never failed in delivering the best. And they did not stop at the Crane M2. This gimbal is as capable and effective as can be for a gimbal at its price. It is very light and can easily be carried anywhere. It can also hold a good number of weight for cameras while still allowing a full 360┬░ range of the scene. 

It features a lock system that ensures that there are no accidental shakes or jolts while in use. Its battery can last for up to 7 hours. It’s also got an easy-to-read LCD display screen that shows the battery status, WiFi, and Bluetooth status of your gimbals. 

The Crane M2 delivers a sturdy, lightweight, 3-axis locking system. It also comes with two days with which it can be held. It’s got the underslung handle and the normal handle. Any of these handles can be held when in use or both can be held at the same time depending on your needs. 


It’s actually for justifiable reasons gimbals are sold the way they are. And now that you know them, I hope you are convinced. If you are not, then at least you know there are cheaper and more affordable options for you. Whether you are a beginner, a professional videographer or photographer, a mom or dad wanting to keep family memories, with the right research you will find that there is an option that fits your pocket.

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