What Is Standard Tripod Thread Size?

According to the brands that make them, many tripods have standard-level items that are associated with general tools that people use on all types of tripods. One of these elements is the size of its …

What Is Standard Tripod Thread Size?

According to the brands that make them, many tripods have standard-level items that are associated with general tools that people use on all types of tripods. One of these elements is the size of its thread, which is usually standard due to the need for the tripod to fit into various brands of photography and video cameras available on the market.

This standardization makes it easier to search for a tripod or the camera, and, in turn, the changes in parts have deteriorated or been damaged possibly. If you want to know the measurements corresponding to the thread of the tripod, here you will be able to know them and know the one you should look for. When it is considered or failing, verifies the measurement of the screw of the camera to avoid coupling and installation problems.

What is tripod thread?

The thread of a tripod is a simple but very important tool that allows you to attach the camera, telescope, or any other device to be placed on the tripod so that it does not fall off the head. It is presented as a thread that can have two types of standardized measurements, measurements to which you have to pay attention before buying because of the need for it to be necessary so that the device that is placed on it does not fall off the tripod.

The thread has really small measurements and has to be taken care of in the best way to avoid failures in the tripod or damages that cannot repair in any way.

What Is Standard Tripod Thread Size?

What Is Standard Tripod Thread Size?

Tripod mounts are seen on many cameras, binoculars, lenses, monoculars, and spotting scopes, maintaining the use of a screw known as ¼-20 UNC 2A or US standard UNC-2A thread size. For greater simplicity, it is usually called 2A, being a screw-threaded in thick threads that are unified and measure 0.190″ of pitch diameter x 20 TPI.

Given this, the thread measures ¼”-20 UNC 2A. Still, some 3/8″ or 5/8″ may know, will always depend on the manufacturers of the tripods. If you already have a camera or other device that needs the tripod, it is recommended to try first, which is the tripod that can work for that camera. Some use adapters to meet the necessary measurements and convert a thread from one measurement to another, but they are specialized tools that the same tripod manufacturers usually give.

For this, the screw must have a fairly long measurement, thus achieving that the adaptation is adequate and there are no inconveniences in the corresponding installation of the device.

How Do You Measure Thread Size?

The thread usually has a space where its measurement is indicated, thus making it easier to determine which thread is used by the tripod you have, especially when it is damaged, or malfunctions occur. The same happens with the screw. Searching for a new option to restore the one that has already deteriorated at any given time is simpler.

You can also use a measurement system in inches to measure the thread easily, but it must measure with the correct method. Otherwise, erroneous results will obtain from the measurements that have been made. An alternative that is also often considered is to resort to the user manual. It is possible to find this feature without too many problems, especially when the tripod is of the original brand.

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What Size Screw is a Tripod Mount?

The size of the screw will always be according to the size of the thread. Still, it is possible this similarity is not completely generated. There are limitations associated with the thread being larger than the screw or vice versa, being seen when the thread has been damaged or the screw, and you have to buy another one. An adaptation can use for those cases, which allows the thread to be attached to the screw accordingly.

If the screw is ¼”, a 3/8″ or 5/8″ thread can use with its respective adaptation system, but it becomes more complicated when the screws are larger than the thread. This cannot be fixed, at least not until a smaller size screw is purchased that may suit the small thread being used.

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Are All Tripod Mounts the Same?

No, because the frames and their measurements depend on the manufacturers, being the ones in charge of determining the respective measurements of the frames used, which tend to vary, but not in such a wide way. However, some standardized mounts may be presented that are associated with the great need of users. Their cameras or telescopes, for example, can be attached to any tripod.

As a user, you must compare all the brands and measurements that you have because each of the brands responsible for manufacturing these tools offers tripods of different tripods in which the types of mounts vary. In the long term, when the correct alternative is chosen, the tool’s attachment to being placed on the tripod will be simpler, eliminating these measurement limitations.


When using a tripod, it is important to have the right knowledge to know how to use it correctly, including all its parts, to know the respective maintenance that has to be done at the right times. One of those parts is the tripod thread, designed to attach the camera or any other tool correctly to the tripod head, which allows complete security for the tool being used.

Knowing the measurements of the thread limits measuring or searching for it, so it is important to have this data and know what the measurements of the devices to install are at the time they are to be coupled. In this way, the correct purchase of the thread can be made when it has to be changed, or the relevant key system can be used when cleaning assembly or disassembly is carried out, which is extremely important and necessary.

You can always go to the manufacturers to know this, managing to do the tasks more simply and thus allowing you to have the purchase results you are looking for at all times.

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