What is Included in Wedding Photography Packages?

Everyone wants their wedding flawless and filled with beautiful memories. To capture these memories, you need a good wedding photographer. Before you start searching for photographers, you must know about their experience and the wedding …

Wedding Photography Packages

Wedding Photography Packages

Everyone wants their wedding flawless and filled with beautiful memories. To capture these memories, you need a good wedding photographer. Before you start searching for photographers, you must know about their experience and the wedding packages they offer.

What is Included in Wedding Photography Packages?

Choosing the best package can be a daunting process, but hopefully, these ten factors will give you a rough idea of what to consider before you choose a wedding photography package.  

Types of Photos:

The style of photos that you get depends on the photographer. Some photographers prefer capturing spontaneous moments with random poses, whereas many other photographers love to capture formal poses at your wedding event. If you want black and white photos combined with colored pictures, then you can discuss them with your photographer. 

However, many wedding photographers specifically mention the type of pictures they take in their packages. Either they will prefer capturing several group pictures in formal poses or informal shots of the cake cutting process. Many photographers ask your opinion on the specific style of photos you wish to be captured at your wedding for your convenience.

Number of Digital Photographs Captured

The number of photographs captured mainly depends on the number of wedding events you have and the type of wedding package you have selected. However, before you select any wedding package, you should look for the number of pictures you would receive at the end of your one wedding function. 

For example, many famous photographers can capture 50-100 high-resolution images in a single hour. Whenever you search for a good wedding package, don’t forget to ask the number of images you would receive at the end of your wedding season.

Number of Assisting Photographers

Many photographers are asked to deliver a good number of pictures in very little time. And for this reason, they bring a team of photographers. One more reason for hiring assistant photographers is the amount of attending the wedding. If there are more than 50 people, then it is necessary to have a team of photographers. Not to mention, it adds value to the service as you have a greater number of high-quality images. 

Number of Events you Wish to Photograph

The first thing that the photographer discusses with you is the number of events in your wedding ceremony. And whether you want to hire them for all the events or not. 

Many people hire photographers to capture the main event, whereas others wish to have an album of all their wedding events. The album can include the photograph coverages of morning preparations, reception, dinner, and the last scenes of your wedding day.

Amount of Time Taken to shoot

Your wedding package also includes the number of hours spent shooting each event. It should specify the amount of time the photographer stays at the venue. So, before you sign the contract with the photographer, do not forget to talk about the number of hours they would spend shooting. Also, consult them about the best places to photo-shoot your special day. 

Traveling Charges

If you are hiring professional photographers from another city or country, then the traveling expenses are included in the wedding photography package. Before they sign the contract with you, they would talk to you about the accommodation and travel expenses. However, many photographers charge money based on the distance or time taken to reach the venue.

The traveling charges are different for every photographer. But it is worth the cost as you would be saving all your precious memories in high-resolution images. 

The Editing and Printing Costs

A wedding photography package also includes the editorial and printing expenses. Whether you want to have a secured online gallery or a complete compilation of pictures into an album, it is your choice. 

Before you sign the contract with the photographer, you must talk about the number of prints that they would provide at the end. However, many people wish to have additional postcards which need advanced software to take out a high-resolution print. 

If you want to have an online gallery, then you can talk to your photographer. Having access to a fully secured gallery easily allows you to share pictures with your friends and family online. You can download the images and get them printed any time you want.

Equipment Used

The type of cameras, lights, or any additional equipment brought to the venue is included in the package. So, before finalizing the discussion with your photographer, do not forget to talk about the types of cameras they would be using. 

For example, if your wedding ceremony is outdoor and extra lightning and shades are needed for the pictures, the photographer will arrange it for you.  Moreover, it would help if you referred to these details in the photography package. You must also do online research on what type of cameras will be used. If you do not know much about photography, then talk to your friends. 

A Large Canvas

If you wish to have a large canvas displaying a beautiful picture of your wedding, then you can let your photographer know. Many photographers offer stylish designs of canvas with enhanced prints. However, the editorial and printing expense is included in the photography package because of high software costs. 

Pre-wedding Photo Session

Pre-wedding photoshoots are mostly engagement photo sessions. These are unnecessary, but if you wish to know about the quality of pictures the photographer can take, you can go for a pre-wedding photo session. It is a great chance to hang out and have a chit-chat with your photographer about the types of photos they take and the quality they can provide. You can also talk about the photography expenses that they offer.


All in all, we hope you have a clearer image of the wedding photography packages. Before you sign a contract with a photographer, you must remember to communicate about the prices and expenses that they would include in the package.

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