10 Greatest Sony a6000 Tips for Beginners

You can be a person capable of taking amazing photos using a Sony a6000 camera without the need to be a professional photographer. You have to follow the following Sony a6000 Tips for Beginners in …

Sony a6000 Tips for Beginners

You can be a person capable of taking amazing photos using a Sony a6000 camera without the need to be a professional photographer. You have to follow the following Sony a6000 Tips for Beginners in the best way, and you will achieve impressive results.

Are you some kind of budding photographer and want to take photos that you are proud of? Make the ideal use of a Sony a6000.

You can learn how to use the Sony a6000 in a better way if you properly follow the ten best Sony a6000 Tips for Beginners that you will read below. The Sony a6000 camera is an extremely awesome and intimidating device available in today’s photographic market. Without a doubt, if you are a professional photographer wanting to achieve professional results, the use of this camera is one of the best decisions you will make.

This camera model must be used in the best way so that you can get the most out of it and have incredible results. In this article, you can get the best Sony a6000 Tips for Beginners free to help you make better use of the camera.

You will be able to read, in addition to tips, some excellent tips for beginners, intermediate and professionals who want to use a Sony a6000 camera.

[su_note note_color=”#ffffa5″ radius=”4″]These little tips and tricks can make the difference in settings, making the Sony a6000 a 100% ideal camera for capturing images. The vast majority of modern digital cameras contain many functions that require people to research and learn.[/su_note]

However, many of these people lead busy and timeless lives; therefore, this article is the best guide to help and obtain some Sony a6000 Tips for Beginners.

10 Greatest Sony a6000 Tips for Beginners in 2021

Sony a6000 Tips for Beginners

Next, this article will have the ten best Sony a6000 Tips for Beginners focused on the key elements to achieve professional results.

Each of these tips will make using the Sony a6000 and its little-known features that much easier:

1. Stop LCD Screen Shutdown

One of the main frustrations for people using the Sony a6000 is that the LCD screen turns off when the viewfinder sensor detects something nearby. The original idea of ​​this function is extremely good. However, for some photographers, it can be a nuisance and cause uncomfortable moments. This feature allows you to quickly and easily change the LCD screen and viewfinder while automatically turning off the screen to save power.

The sensor near the viewfinder that controls this function is very sensitive and large, meaning that if the camera is brought close to your stomach, the screen will turn off. There are several ways that photographers use today to prevent this shutdown of the LCD screen from happening anymore in image captures. You can use masking tape to make the sensor slightly smaller (the tape can leave a residue that causes a sticky mark).

The use of excellent quality electrical tape can also be a very easy and fast solution that reduces the sensor’s sensitivity. Adhesive webcam covers are considered the best for these types of sensor requirements.

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2. Always Keep Camera Sensor Clean

This second tip is related to keeping the image sensor that contains the camera as clean as possible before and after a photo session. While this may be common sense, some people mistakenly touch the image sensor with their fingers when they want to remove dust or dirt. It is unavoidable that during the life of the Sony a6000, at any time, the sensor will need cleaning (never touch with your fingers).

The “automatic cleaning” mode included in the Sony a6000 is not very efficient and does not provide any real or useful value. When cleaning the sensor of this camera, there are some things that you can take advantage of, but that depends on what you are cleaning. If it is only a simple dust or cotton fibers in the sensor, it will be enough that you use an inexpensive camera blower.

If the sensor has some dirt (stains), you will most likely have to perform a complete cleaning with a professional kit. Fortunately, you can find an extremely inexpensive cleaning kit in your nearest market and store that is perfect for these occasions.

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3. Assigning Clear Image Zoom to Custom Button

One of the best features that the Sony a6000 offers is “Clear Image Zoom,” which is not known to many people or taken full advantage of. This function basically what it does is that it allows you to double the focal length of the lens that is connected to the camera.

If you tend to use an object or person as your main objective, this can be an excellent tool to get the zoom capacity you need.

One main annoyance is that some zoom lenses that communicate with Sony cameras remove the key assigned for the function. Another annoyance for you is activating and deactivating the function with the default settings; this is where a custom key should assign for you.

There are several buttons available to which you can assign this function. However, it is recommended that you use the “C1” button.

This button is very close to the shutter button; It is the most convenient to use if you consider using this function many times. A big advantage that you have with the Sony a6000 is that this function is extremely easy to assign to the buttons, unlike the other competitive cameras.

4. Solve Overheating Problems

One of the Sony a6000 Tips for Beginners that is more popular and requested is how to deal with overheating problems. Fortunately, at present, there is no single solution to help you solve overheating problems; there can be up to three and use all of them.

If you use the Sony a6000 to take pictures with 11 frames per second function or record videos for a long time, overheating may occur.

The first effective solution to this overheating problem is simply using a high-quality dummy battery (they are currently very inexpensive). The second solution is a simple trick that is overlooked; Thecamera’s LCD screen contains many electronic components that are the generators of the heat.

To solve this, leave the screen in a predetermined position against the camera body, and you will see how much of the heat is transferred.

The last and least effective solution is to leave the battery box fully open and continue working (it does not interrupt photographic captures). This trick can allow the Sony a6000 to get a little airflow that causes internal cooling and eliminates overheating.

5. Increase Battery Life

Although there are certain problems with the Sony a6000’s battery, these are generally related when people use the time-lapse mode. The battery of this camera can last very well. However, you can get some tricks to improve its duration in capturing images and videos. For increased battery life, it is also recommended that you use a cheap fake battery of the highest quality possible.

Switching the camera to “airplane” mode when you do not require the Wi-FI or NFC function also helps you extend the battery’s life. Although it may sound like this is a simple trick, many overlook it and do not take advantage of it.

It may not improve battery life much, but it will help you extend life a bit longer. What you have to do is press the menu button, select where it gives you the wireless option, and, later, scroll down where it says “airplane mode.”

6. Take Advantage of XAVC S Mode

Although you can be extremely fine with using an already default MP4 setting in video recordings, you can use a new code. The XAVC S can offer you a slight improvement in quality that can be very useful for videographers using a Sony a6000. One of the most important aspects to note is that this mode requires a 64 GB SD card or larger storage.

If the SD card is not inserted into the camera, the XAVC S mode will not fully activate, and you will not enjoy this function. You can get some videos on the internet that will offer you an excellent comparison in the recordings with an MP4 and XAVC S configuration in parallel.

With these videos, you will notice and get the differences between the video recordings in these two different configurations of the Sony a6000 camera. Using this XAVC S mode requires that you have a separate budget to afford an SD card that meets the necessary storage.

7. Use Smooth Skin Effect to Take Selfies

If you use the Sony a6000 to take some selfies or take any picture of yourself to upload to digital platforms like Instagram, you must bear in mind something. Many instagramers and youtubers currently use the smooth skin effect function in this camera to capture self photos. All current beauty gurus use this mode, allowing the Sony a6000 to make a few shorts after a few makeup tutorials.

There are two drawbacks to using this mode for photographs: the first is that you will not have the camera turned on in video mode. The second drawback is that you will have to take the photos without being processed and without using the JPEG.

If you want to activate this mode, you have to go to the menu button of the Sony a6000 and look in the default camera options panel. Then head over to options window six and change the smooth skin effect to whatever setting you want.

8. Use Automatic Presets for Amazing Photos

You can discover how to capture incredible photos from the first day you use the Sony a6000 on the go. Opt for one of the camera’s already built-in presets right now, which is a great option to try. There are various presets available that you can use at an appropriate time to make your photo captures even easier.

The “superior auto” preset takes care of shooting automatically while helping to reduce blur and noise simultaneously. The “smart car” automatically identifies scenes and captures photos; “scene selection” selects a mode fully suitable for the environment and subject. “Sweep Panorama” is responsible for creating a panoramic image while moving the camera to the right / left or up / down at a fixed speed.

Choosing “movie options” is a perfect way to record any movie, and you can check the viewing angles before taking a shot. Finally, the use of “manual exposure (DIY)” will allow you to select the aperture and shutter speeds.

9. Set up Sony a6000 For Portraits

One of the settings that may become a favorite of the Sony a6000 is quick and spontaneous portraits. That is an adjustment that will encourage blurring of the backgrounds to give a three-dimensional touch and look to all photos of a person. For indoor portraits that need a much wider field of view, choose an OSS 35mm f / 1.8 lens.

For outdoor portraits, choose the 50mm f / 1.8 OSS. Among the most important and recommended settings that you should take into account are:

  • Aperture priority mode
  • F-number as low as possible
  • The ISO is already set to automatic
  • White balance set to automatic for when shooting outdoors. Otherwise, you should select a preset for white balances based on the light you are in.
  • Focus mode set to AF-C
  • Focus area set to wide
  • Enable the face/smile detect, going to the camera menu in tabs 1 and 5

10. Sony Electronic Viewfinder and Incredible Autofocus

The focus adjustment of the Sony a6000 is very fast and sharp, making it an ideal choice for those who want to capture images at the moment. The autofocus provided by this camera allows you to see the object or person you want to capture quickly.

You have to look for the settings in the menu of the Sony a6000 camera, and you will get images that are not at all blurry or of poor quality.

The electronic viewfinder provided by the Sony a6000 is sharp and very clear, allowing you to verify that its horizon is fully aligned. You can also check the focus peak, the histogram and go further within the viewfinder.

You will be able to review each of the photos through the viewer in the back of the camera after taking the captures. On some occasions, when it is bright outside, it may be impossible to see the photos on the top screen of the Sony a6000.


The Sony a6000 camera is one of the best options today to take photos and videos with the best quality. Good use of this digital camera will help you achieve professional results even if you are not a photographer with high experience. This article has shown you the ten best Sony a6000 Tips for Beginners that will help you get the most out of this camera model.

With these tips and tricks, you can perform more functions that will further enhance the capture of images and videos.

You no longer have to worry if you are a beginner or do not know about this Sony camera. With these tips and tricks, you can be aware of the most important functions to consider when using the Sony a6000.

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