Slik 700dx Pro Tripod Legs Review

Tripods have become indispensable tools for photography lovers. The Silk 700dx Pro Tripod Legs has gained great recognition today, over other models on the market.

A 700dx has proven its efficiency to the public, but people always want to know more about its potential contributions. The characteristics, advantages, and probable disadvantages are relevant considerations that must be taken into account.

Slik 700dx Pro Tripod Legs Review

Slik 700dx Pro Tripod Legs Review

Before buying a 700dx, and getting incredible results, it is important to know other customer’s reviews. The Silk 700dx Pro Tripod Legs recommendations do not stop being presented, as its reputation increases every day.


The Silk 700dx Pro Tripod Legs has certain characteristics and peculiarities, making it stand out from other tripods on the market that Capture Gears are taking care of. People do not stop being enchanted, with all the contributions that this tripod exposes.

Among its categories and more special features, you can find:

  • Height:

This type of tripod is considered one of the most efficient due to its height. For a 6 foot tall individual, it is perfect as it sits above eye level. You do not need to stand up, or in any case bend down, to capture images with your camera.

  • Weight: 

Despite its height, this tripod is very light. His estimated weight is 5.5 lbs, that is, 2.5 kg. The ease of portability of this tripod is surprising, as it can be taken almost anywhere and does not get in the way or disturb. The only drawback concerning its weight is precisely the simplicity to be knocked down by the wind.

  • Portability:

The 700dx can be taken almost anywhere, and provide excellent results. Although there may be much heavier, taller, and more stable tripod models, none are as accessible as the 700dx. Its best contribution is undoubtedly the ease of transfer. It’s not exactly compact or portable, but it is easy to handle and manipulate.

  • Leg locks and other joints:

The locks on this tripod are made with quality plastic, preventing it from deteriorating over time. It is precise with bad treatment or by throwing on rocks to damage or ruin legs. Its other leg joints need a little maintenance to avoid being run over over time. It must be constantly cleaned if the legs are submerged in water or not so clean.

  • General stiffness:

The 700dx can be purchased with aluminum, magnesium, and Titanium, which avoids vibrations. Compared to other models, this tripod adapts quickly to changing breezes to provide beautiful photos.

  • Indestructibility: 

A 700dx can be used frequently, in unfavorable conditions, and without a doubt, it will withstand all situations. Logically, this tripod can last much longer with a good deal, but it is considered one of the most resistant. You can leave it at very high temperatures, use it in salt water, or drop it high, and it will always withstand it. The 700dx is a bit indestructible.

  • Price: 

It is important to mention that the 700dx is an affordable tripod, compared to other types. Even though there are many cheaper tripods, none are capable of providing the same attributions. The final investment of a 700dx is the smartest for any photography lover. Your results will be impressive, for truly compliant prices.

  • Quality: 

The quality and effectiveness of this tripod are admirable. No person who has bought this model has been able to mention a relevant discontent. It serves both for the use of professionals in photography, as for amateurs.

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Things We Like – Pros

  • The Silk 700dx Pro Tripod Legs have high quality and efficiency. Most of its consumers can highlight that there are more contributions than annoyances with its frequent use.
  • Its colors are pleasing to the eye and do not interfere with its use. It has a silver finish on its legs, which is reflected by light.
  • It contains a perfect balanced charge.
  • Its weight is light, and it does not prevent important transfers. It is ideal for short walks, although it can be used for long journeys if people prefer it.
  • It is comfortable for most consumers, since its weight, height, and size are not excessive.
  • Its characteristics are logical, easy to operate, and very reliable.
  • It has incredible stability, even though it is extremely light and compact.
  • For tall photographers, it is an excellent option. It is used to capture images from trees, cliffs, tall buildings, and considerable and difficult angles.
  • The price it presents is mostly accessible and adaptable. There are many offers and combos, which can benefit the economy of consumers.
  • It is completely resistant to any situation. It can be thrown at great heights, exposed to salt water, and at high temperatures. A 700dx is durable, despite not giving it the best of care.

Things We Don’t Like – Cons

  • The dynamic load distribution is not strong enough to hold the axle.
  • The central column locking mechanism, cannot balance and adjust the shaft.
  • It does not have a bubble level. By not having a bubble level like other models, it makes the work of use difficult.
  • Not a backpacking tripod. Despite being able to move to many places, without major difficulties due to its weight, it is not designed. Working with it and taking it short distances is very beneficial. It can be a bit annoying for long trips, but everything will depend on the circumstances and preferences.
  • The head provided by the Silk 700dx Pro Tripod Legs, for some people, is not the best. The positive is that it can be exchanged for a more comfortable one, although it is advisable to try it first.
  • It is not a very useful tripod for short photographers. It can be uncomfortable, for those people who are shorter than the tripod. Its height can be adapted, as long as it needs to be increased. It is advisable to buy when you have a higher than average height.
  • Its central column is too long for people with short stature, but fortunately, it can be cut.


Buying a Silk 700dx Pro Tripod Legs has become an extremely common action. It doesn’t matter if it’s a must-have or just a curiosity. After purchasing the 700dx, people will not be disappointed.

The characteristics that encompass this tripod model have been able to satisfy the specifications of consumers. Both its compact design, its parts and constitution, and even portability, boast a precise quality.

Its resistance is admirable, since it can be used in different situations, and it will withstand adversity. It is perfect to be placed in water, exposed to very high temperatures, and even stored for a long time, and it will not be damaged.

In conclusion, the acquisition of a 700dx is really smart, and the final investments will not be a problem after observing the positive results.

Although the photographs depend only on the cameras’ resolutions and quality, stability will always be a good tripod’s obligation. There is no other model, more than the 700dx, that exhibits greater rigidity, for the price it exhibits in the market.



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