How to Remove Ball Head from Manfrotto Tripod?

With all the brands of heads and tripods that exist in the market, detaching the ball joint from the tripod can be difficult. The complexity of performing this task is not because it is extremely …

How to Remove Ball Head from Manfrotto Tripod?

With all the brands of heads and tripods that exist in the market, detaching the ball joint from the tripod can be difficult. The complexity of performing this task is not because it is extremely complicated, but that you may forget how to do it correctly. It is not that there are many ways to remove a ball joint from the tripod, although it may seem that way.

Removing the head from the Manfrotto tripod can be challenging due to the wide variety of head brands and tripods. Although removing the head from the tripod is very easy, if you do not do it often enough, it is like starting from 0. Some approaches to the head that seem to work can become difficult objects to disassemble at the moment.

You can read the information that you will find in this article below to find out which are the most effective methods for disassembling the ball head. If you forgot how to remove the head of a Manfrotto tripod, check out this step-by-step article in detail.

What is a ball head?

The ball head is a piece of equipment that stands between the camera and the tripod, being one of the most important components for all photographers. This piece is curiously called that and is currently available in different types that allow various applications in each photograph. This ball head that is interposed between the camera and the tripod is made of metal or plastic.

These are usually the materials found in ball heads since they are the ones that provide the best stability when capturing images.

These heads are ideal so that you can get a faster and more precise rotation of the camera you are using on your tripods. This ball head is considered one of the most important elements of the photographic kit that helps you be more flexible when capturing images.

How to Remove Ball Head from Manfrotto Tripod?

How to Remove Ball Head from Manfrotto Tripod?

There are not many ways to get the ball off your Manfrotto tripod, which is a great advantage for you. For you to successfully remove the ball joint from the tripod, you must complete each of the following steps mentioned below:

  • You must first make sure that the lock located in the central column is tight enough so that no play occurs in the column.
  • Make sure the set screw at the bottom of the head is loose enough. In some cases, you will find only one adjustment screw and, in other tripod models, they will have up to 3 screws to adjust
  • Tighten the headlock to make sure it does not move when you try to loosen the head
  • Get a good grip on the largest part of the kneecap while also firmly grasping the central column with your other available hand (you can ask someone else for help)
  • With both hands and a firm grip, you should start turning the ball head counterclockwise. You have to do this step until it is completely released
  • Although the previous step appears to be extremely simple, on some occasions, this ball head is too tight to release
  • If it is too tight and you cannot turn it by hand, you can use a little cooking spray. The application of this oil must be in the small space between the head and the tripod (where they meet)
  • Leave the cooking spray for about an hour so that it can penetrate the screw; then you can try loosening it again
  • To make you feel more secure, you can check again if all the fixing screws are loose and do not have a kind of engagement with the ball head

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Manfrotto Head Stuck on the Tripod – What To Do?

Perhaps it may seem like many steps you need to do for a job as simple as removing the ball head from the Manfrotto tripod. However, on certain occasions, each step needs to be performed because the ball head may bind or not fully release.

Typically, it is simply grabbing and turning the ball head counterclockwise and removing it from the tripod.

When the ball head gets stuck on the tripod, it may be because it was left in place for too long. What you can do in these cases is keep calm and do not use force because you can break the head and its screws.

The use of cooking spray is perfect for achieving an ideal loosening that takes full care of all the parts.

Are all Tripod Heads Removable?

Although everything points to an affirmative answer, it is a resounding no; not all tripod heads can remove. Tripods available on the market for an extremely inexpensive price do not easily remove the ball head. That is the big difference between expensively priced tripods; if it is cheap, its ball head cannot remove.

If you are trying to remove the ball head from an inexpensive tripod, you cannot replace it as the mount is not standard.

[su_note note_color=”#dffffa” radius=”4″]There will be no other ball head on the market that you can buy to fit this tripod. In conclusion, not all ball heads can remove from tripods; this time, a Manfrotto if you can.[/su_note]

How Do You Take Apart a Tripod?

The disassembly of a tripod is extremely simple, you have to have enough knowledge to be completely successful, and accidents do not occur. Just as there are several steps for disassembling a ball head, you can also get one for disassembling a Manfrotto tripod.

This type of information is easily found on the internet, and they help you follow step by step the disassembly of a tripod of any brand.


To get extremely impressive and beautiful images, you must configure each of the objects belonging to the professional kit to take photographs. Removing the ball head from the Manfrotto tripod is one of the easiest procedures out there.

However, it can be complicated at times. Even though it is a new camera, the ball head still allows it to sit on the Manfrotto tripod for a long extended period.

When it comes to a ball head that is brand new, the Manfrotto tripod removal procedure is not that difficult.

[su_note note_color=”#ffffa5″ radius=”4″]However, if this head is left on the tripod for a long time, it will take on a similar frozen or stagnant appearance. This article is helpful as a step-by-step guide to successfully removing the ball head from the Manfrotto tripod.[/su_note]

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