How to Photograph Motorsport Events?

Want to become a professional motorsport photographer? Don’t worry; we got it covered for you with every sharpest angle. Photography is a highly demanding skill, and in sports, its demands are sky-high. So if you …

How to Photograph Motorsport Events?

How to Photograph Motorsport Events?

Want to become a professional motorsport photographer? Don’t worry; we got it covered for you with every sharpest angle. Photography is a highly demanding skill, and in sports, its demands are sky-high. So if you are looking to start up as a professional photographer in motorsport, learn some essential tips and tricks to capture more detail in a picture offering vivid colors.

How to Photograph Motorsport Events?

Since motorsport is being widely watched and thrilling sports nowadays, a lot of effort is needed to capture a perfect picture of a vast moving car/bike without getting the image blurred or distorted. In other words, you need high precision and skill to capture the picture that has each detail crystal clear with perfect color balance. It also smoothens your images, making them soft.

What You’ll Need?

First of all, one of the main things that come into play while talking about photography is the camera. It would be best to have a digital single-lens reflector (DSLR) camera with top-notch specification; it should be having high magnification with high-quality resolution. In simple words, the more megapixels and frame dimension, the better is the picture quality.

[su_note note_color=”#c9ecff” radius=”4″]As you’ll be trying to catch a fast-moving car/bike in a picture so your camera should be capable of reacting instantly when you press the shutter button. If there is a lag or your camera shutter speed is low, your camera is not the right choice for this job, and you won’t be able to get high-quality pictures of the fast and thrilling event. Thus a high-end camera machine is essential.[/su_note]

The second most important thing after the camera machine is the camera lens. Suppose you are at a motorsport event with a photo shooting lens, and then you’re not going to get any picture of the car/bike moving on the track. To be professional and get a high-quality picture, you need a minimum of 300mm lens or more. It will help to get your event in the frame.

Beginner’s Guide to Motorsport Photography

To photograph the motorsport event, you’ll first need to get inside the event; you can either buy a pass or talk to the motorsport organizing team that you want to cover their event with your camera and photography skills. The second most important thing is to be highly updateable with your equipment to ensure that you have the latest technology.

Now while covering the motorsport event, your focus should not divert from cars. There is a little window for capturing such an image that is a high-moving car/bike. Find yourself the perfect position to quickly adjust your camera angle and take explicit photos with high detailing that have high-resolution pictures.

Tips for Motorsport Photography

[su_note note_color=”#ffffa5″ radius=”4″]Here are some tips for motorsport Photography that allow you to professionally take a picture of high quality and lots of details.[/su_note]

Find a Corner

To get a perfect picture that allows you to capture a high-quality image is to find an ideal spot. For most people, that spot is the part of the track where the cars/bikes are moving at a breakneck speed, but this concept is nothing more than the dead-end as the fast-moving cars won’t allow you to capture a steady picture with impressive detailing.

The answer to this query is a slow corner. Usually, at the corner, the rider will slow down to take a sharp edge turn. This sharp turn makes the rider slow down.  At this slow speed, it is quite easy for you to capture a high-resolution picture with high detailing of the image clarifying the background and foreground of the image distinctively.

Focus Of The Image

Although the corner is a great choice but still, even at the corners, the riders don’t slow down much as if they do; they will be out of the race. Even at the corner, your camera will find it challenging to capture those fast-moving cars/bikes. So it’s better to shift your camera from autofocus to manual. Now focus on your point of interest that should be the apex of the bend. 

Shutter Speed

Due to the fast-moving vehicles, you need a fast shutter speed to get a perfect detailing image. The best shutter speed to start around is 1/500th of a second, and you can change this speed after taking some experimental photos. If you are experiencing that the pictures are coming out of the dark, it is better to take a higher ISO value allowing you to take the bright image.

Burst Mode

It is better to shoot images in burst mode as if your luck isn’t working and you are unable to find any good picture, so it is better to use burst mode. It will allow you to take multiple photos at a time. Later on, you can select your desired image that you think is considerably better than other images and have better image quality and resolution. The more, the better.

Camera Tilting

You can tilt your camera to give a better sense of high speed. Tilt the camera to such an angle that the tilted image gives a thrilling and exciting feeling. Tilting the camera also allows you to take the car in the frame’s diagonal, making it wider and allowing more of the car area cover in the frame. It will also increase your field of view.

Wide Aperture Through Fences

If you do not have your photography permit, you’ll be stuck behind the fences. To overcome this fence problem, your camera should have a wide aperture that enables you to capture the image through the fence, as this wide aperture allows you to capture a photo while looking through the fence hole.


Motorsport is a highly in-demand sport these days and is getting wide acceptance all around the globe. So if one is thinking of starting their career as a professional motorsport photographer, then considering the above mentioning tips and tricks are essential to be taken into account, and you are good at going with this photography skill.

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