Is Benro A Good Tripod Brand?

Tripods are excellent photographic tools that allow cameras to be positioned more safely and precisely in various environments, thus avoiding movements in the process of taking photographs and video. The options market is very wide, …

Is Benro A Good Tripod Brand?

Is Benro A Good Tripod Brand?

Tripods are excellent photographic tools that allow cameras to be positioned more safely and precisely in various environments, thus avoiding movements in the process of taking photographs and video. The options market is very wide, but one of the most recognized brands is Benro, presenting quality and durability in each of its products.

Considering its years of experience, it has been ranked among one of the best brands in the world in terms of technology and accessories, allowing its customers to continue to prefer Benro over other brands. However, it is always important to highlight why this is so, and you are in the right place right now to find out.

About Benro Brand?

Benro has a large number of tripod alternatives, considering itself a mid-range manufacturer of this type of tool that is so useful and necessary today. Although they are not seen as the cheapest tripods on the market, all of their features are worth the cost that is presented in the market.

Many of Benro’s tripods can be accompanied by observation heads and accessories that enhance the experience you want to maintain. You can always find what you are really looking for with this brand, with aluminium or carbon fiber structures, having the opportunity to choose the one that is considered most favourable.

It also eliminates a large amount of weight that can be found with other not so good brands and many times you can have completely specialized storage backpacks for the tripod and all its accessories.

Is Benro A Good Tripod Brand? – Complete Guide

Based on customer experiences and the accurate features of its tripods, Benro holds its place among the good alternatives of these tools. Many of the clients of this brand tend to choose their products because they are resistant, practical, durable and suitable for various types of cameras.

Many older or not-so-innovative cameras tend to have some trouble mounting on tripods of any kind, but with Benro this can be eliminated in most cases. You just have to choose the correct alternative to get the desired results.

Also featured are easy-to-use heads, grip on unstable ground, resistance to extreme weather, and simple leg and level adjustment, ideal for anyone who regularly uses a tripod.

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5 Reasons You Need to Choose Benro Tripods

1. Stability

The perfectly elaborated structure of the Benro tripods provides stability when placed in places that have unevenness, such as rocky floors or stairs. Once the tripod is located at the desired height, its legs are secured and these will be totally stable supporting the weight of the camera that is being used once it is installed.

A very important element that helps this stability is that the central column has a counterweight hook that allows greater resistance to the ground. In this way, and with its non-slip feet, all the stability required for any full use of the tripod can be achieved.

2. Material Quality

Most of the tripods of this well-known brand are made of aluminium or carbon fiber, a few others are made of stainless steel, which is the oldest. However, this does not make it’s quality less, but it can make its weight increase and comfort decrease.

In any of the cases, a complete quality is always maintained because it is not only about its base structure, but also the rubber grips to the ground, height adjustment system and headrests, being made of quality materials that do not split as it would. Ordinary plastic. As a user, you have the opportunity to choose the most convenient alternative based on your needs and how these can help improve the user experience because even the quality of the material makes it possible.

3. Variety

Thanks to the popularity of Benro and its years of experience, all users have the opportunity to find various tripods that suit their needs and expectations of use. There is such a variety of options that it is impossible not to find the alternative that you really want.

As long as you are clear about what you really need from a tripod, the rest of the things can be covered in the search, selection and purchase process.

4. Ease of Use

Tripods have very intuitive installation and use systems, and most of them have instructions from their manufacturers for installation and removal. The system that can be more complex to know is that of its head, which has to be disassembled and disassembled for the correct location of the camera without any danger in the process.

Thanks to the ease of uninstalling its base plate, it is possible to greatly reduce the time of installing the camera, even being a process that can be carried out without the need to have the tripod located. In addition, it is not complicated to position its legs properly and secure them, which reduces the difficulties of use to almost eliminate them completely.

5. Reliability

It is always easier to trust brands with a long history and excellent perceptions by customers, taking into account that they always maintain the quality that characterizes their products. With Benro this is maintained and this is how the trust of customers in the brand continues to exist and will continue to exist over the years.

This can be considered an outstanding reason to prefer it over other brands of tripods, making people sure that they have a good choice for an accessory as important as this one.

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Reasons You Need To Avoid

In the first instance, you should always avoid choosing a tripod that does not have the appropriate characteristics so that the camera is fixed and safe, as accidents can occur during use. This goes hand in hand with the quality of the materials and durability generated by this type of accessory.

The storage system is essential for a more pleasant experience, so a tripod without a case or luggage bag can be uncomfortable to move in various places. Once the most outstanding characteristics of a good tripod are known, it is recommended to list what is really needed and, based on this, begin the selection process by avoiding alternatives with fewer advantages.

Is Benro Better than Manfrotto?

Although Manfrotto is one of the best brands in this type of accessory, it has limitations in terms of comfort and adaptations to the needs in question. Benro, on the other hand, offers the opportunity to have variations and adjustments of heights, locations in unstable spaces with greater security and camera insurance systems in their respective ball joint and base plate.

These are some of the reasons why Benro continues to appear in front of Manfrotto for professionals in the photographic world today.

Are Benro and Induro the Same Brand?

No, they are different brands that are very well positioned in a market as competitive as that of image and video accessories, especially when it comes to tripods. However, it can be considered that there is more recognition towards Benro than towards Induro at present, especially due to the great trajectory that the former presents, but it does not mean that the latter is a bad brand.

Many people prefer the use of Induro over Benro, especially those who require a tripod for simpler tasks, but it is something that will always go hand in hand with previously established preferences and needs.

Can I Use Benro For Travel Photography?

The tripods that have their storage and luggage systems in the same purchase are specially manufactured to take photographs on trips if desired. They are usually foldable and disassembled, so they weigh little and are not difficult to transport.

Thanks to this, Benro and its tripods can be counted on anywhere without being considered inconvenient or complicated assistance. There are even tripods that can be detached from their central column, being more practical when being in small spaces where a complete tripod is not the best alternative.


Being a leader in the market to which it belongs, Benro is responsible for providing some of the best tripods that exist for photography and video lovers, ensuring that they have a quality experience during their time of use. Although many other brands maintain a good position in sales, this one has all the elements to continue innovating in response to user preferences.

Therefore, if you have a quality, durable tripod with excellent characteristics, without a doubt, an alternative from Benro will be able to cover all the needs that you may have.

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