How to Take Pictures of Yourself Without a Tripod?

How do you take pictures of yourself without a tripod stand? To some, the answer to this dilemma could be as simple as asking a friend. “Hey Emma, could you hold this steady for me?” …

How to Take Pictures of Yourself Without a Tripod?

How do you take pictures of yourself without a tripod stand? To some, the answer to this dilemma could be as simple as asking a friend. “Hey Emma, could you hold this steady for me?” or “Hi John, I wanted to take a few pics today and I don’t have a tripod to support my camera, could you come over and help me?”.

But if you’re all by yourself and you have no access to any assistance from friends or family to help you, you can consider reading on as this is for you. Who knows? After reading this article, you might not need a tripod to take those killer selfies to send to your crush.

How to Take Pictures of Yourself Without a Tripod?

How to Take Pictures of Yourself Without a Tripod?

There are a lot of convenient and even fun ways to take a very good picture of yourself without a tripod and still get that stability and height you’d get if you had a tripod. Maybe you went to a place where such items as a tripod are prohibited or you forgot to pack yours on your trip to a holiday spot far away from home, here are some tips and tricks on how to take a picture of yourself all by yourself without a tripod.

1. Find a Flat Surface

This is just some good old common sense as you have to put the safety of your camera/phone first. If you want to take a picture of yourself you could find a flat elevated surface that can capture the part or whole of you. This could be a table, a tv stand, a stack of books, a pizza carton, etc. The bottom line is just that it should be a flat stable surface.

2. Set The Timer Adequately

You’ll want to reduce the number of retakes of the same pose so before striking that pose, make sure to set the timer that will give you ample time to take your position and strike a pose. A minimum of 10-15 seconds should be enough for you to go and take your position for the photo.

3. Set The Number of Shots To Be Taken

Some cameras or phones have the feature of being able to set multiple shots. This feature allows you to strike numerous poses so you different poses and find the perfect one afterward without having to come back after each shot to set it.

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What To Use If You Don’t Have a Tripod?

Here are a few things you can use as an alternative to a tripod.

  • A Monopod

This is somehow like a tripod but isn’t. Instead of three legs, this one has one and can be less cumbersome to carry.

  • A Beanbag

This is a bag that has the capability of being able to hold long lens cameras because of the way it’s shaped, it has a U-like groove and two supporting structures on either side. They can easily be placed on surfaces like wooden fences or car windows so that you can get the angle you need.

  • A Selfie Stick

This is a common instrument, especially for use with mobile phones. It is extensible and gives you a wider range of vision while taking your photos.

  • A Pile of Books

These should be readily available as books are very common. You can stack them together to the desired height and place your camera or phone on them. The advantage is that you can stack them as high as you want. Don’t forget, the safety of your device comes first so please do well to put wider books at the base and smaller books on top of them.

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How Can I Take Full Body Pictures Alone?

If the pictures you’re taking are for social media, you can always just stand in front of a mirror and take your shots. But if you’re taking them for something more serious, you need some skill and patience to pull it off. Here are some pointers you could use.

  • Find a Suitable Background

You should find a suitable background for your picture. One that will maximize light exposure and make your picture’s contrast stand out. If you’re on a tourism trip, you can find the main attraction and use it as a background for your picture.

  • Find a Suitable Height and Distance

You should also take into consideration the height distance and angle you place the camera for you to be able to get your full body into perspective. Try taking some test snaps to determine the best distance and height for your photo.

  • Stay In The Center of The Line of Sight of The Camera Lens

This is very important as you have to stay in the center to prevent any part of your body from missing from the picture since it’s a full-body picture. If you’re using the back camera of your phone, you should stand at the front of the camera then take your steps back to where you’re supposed to stand. This will allow you to be at the center of your photo and the camera to focus on you.

Is There a Way To Take Photos Straight Downwards Without Using a Tripod?

Yes, there are a couple of ways you can take a picture straight downwards without a tripod. For one if your hand is steady enough, you can use your hand to take the picture. You can also use a selfie stick which is extendible and can allow you to extend it to any length enabling you to take a picture of yourself straight downwards. You can also consider tilting the camera downwards from an elevated surface.


Taking a picture of yourself is a very tricky process but with the right improvisation, equipment, and skill, you should be able to without much fuss whether it’s for an online job interview or a Tinder photo or setting up your webcam, you can rest assured that you don’t need much help doing so anymore.

You might wanna slide into the tripods guide and check out the options or just go into your study and get a pile of books and you’re good to go.

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