How to Attach the Tripod to the Backpack?

Using a tripod when taking photographs is very common, being one of the most functional tools for this type of task today and can be taken to various places. However, comfort is a very important …

How to Attach the Tripod to the Backpack?

Using a tripod when taking photographs is very common, being one of the most functional tools for this type of task today and can be taken to various places. However, comfort is a very important element at such times because the idea is that you do not bother others or yourself at the time of the transfer.

Given this, various ways are presented to do it, which will allow your life to be facilitated to a greater extent when working in several places during the same day. Depending on the tripod you have and its storage tools, you can take the measurement you prefer so that it is considered a really easy task.

How to Attach the Tripod to the Backpack?

How to Attach the Tripod to the Backpack?

According to the save, it can be presented in 2 ways:

  • Internal storage
  • External storage

For each of them, the following steps must follow:

Internal Storage:

  • Disassemble the Tripod

It is uncomfortable to carry the tripod in any transfer or leave it as it was after use, so this alternative is very functional. It is not about completely disassembling the tripod. The idea is that the easiest parts are removed to place them all in the transfer bag or its storage place.

The first thing would be the head, which only has to be turned to be removed because it always has a thread. If the camera is on the tripod, it must be removed and turned off to be placed in its respective case.

  • Folding the tripod

The tripods have 3 legs, and 1 central column, or at least most of them comply with these characteristics; the central column can be easily disassembled and folded to a minimum size. Its other 3 legs can easily fold. It is only necessary to loosen the locks of its extension to minimize as much as possible.

This would give measurements less than 1 meter, so it is a great help to store and store where you want or should place it.

  • Save by parts

Finally, after having folded all the parts and disassembled the simplest, you will look for a backpack for storage or use the one that your tripod had brought when the purchase was made, if so. Attach the largest parts first, such as its legs and center column, and then the headboard or other accessories you used.

A good option is to use a waterproof backpack so that, when there are rainy times, you do not have to worry about the tripod getting wet because it will never be like that.

External Storage:

  • Choice of backpack

The external guard consists of placing the tripod in the backpack with its respective belts, but it can only do with specialized backpacks, such as a Lowepro. The belt is not so different from the ones that regular backpacks already have, but it is separated from the general system of the backpack so that you can use it as a conventional one.

If the backpack purchase is not with the tripod, you must choose one of a similar size to the tripod, especially so that it can support its weight without problems.

  • Using the belt

There is 1 way to wear the belt:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal

With the vertical way, you can pass the belt through both fixed belts of the backpack and then place its long part on the side you prefer to go around the bottom. In this way, you will be able to find its locks on one side, the side where you will place the tripod to use the locks around the central column between the head and the legs, and the other lock holding one of its legs.

In its vertical form, you must also place the belt through its belts, fixed, but you must not turn the backpack all the way around. You have to leave the insurance in its lower part and pass one with the central column of the tripod and the other through their legs. Thus, you only have to secure the belt to the extent you prefer, keeping the tripod in the lower part of your back and the backpack.

  • Tripod location

Since you already know how you can place the belts, you must decide how it is best to do it for your comfort, whether vertically or horizontally. You must remember that in both cases, you must fold the tripod to its smallest size, but without disassembling its head or rubber legs because it could come off the belt.

Always choose the option most comfortable for you for the transfer time, and thus, finally, you can have the best possible result.

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What is the Easiest Way to Carry a Tripod?

The simplest way will always be the one that allows you to place the tripod inside the backpack, as this is the one that will provide the opportunity for the tripod to be 100% safe at all times. However, in any options you prefer, you must have a good choice of the backpack since not all of them have the appropriate space to provide you with this comfort.

Some backpacks are specialized for the storage of tripods, so they are the most convenient at the time of disassembly and storage, even if you decide to use external storage alternatives. If you are used to constantly travelling with the tripod to different places, which tend to be rainy, it is more comfortable for you to carry the tripod inside a backpack.

If you don’t go too far with the tripod and public transport is not a problem for you, external storage can be of great use to you because the methods of placing the tripod are not going to be considered inconvenient.

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How to Attach the Tripod to the Lowepro Backpack?

Lowepro backpacks are completely designed to store tripods, with different spaces strategically divided throughout the backpack for greater comfort. Features an accessory belt for external tripod placement vertically or horizontally as preferred.

As explained, this type of belt has 2 safety systems at each end that are placed on the legs and neck of the tripod, also being padded in its centre to avoid uncomfortable friction. The measurements can level, and it can also be considered a tactical backpack for its snaps that are placed around the body, thus making your tripod accompany you on every adventure.

Your tripod must always go in its smallest size to be able to be stored next to the Lowepro backpack. Otherwise, you will not be able to use any of the modalities for its storage, not even its storage process inside the backpack with the rest of the accessories.

How Do You Attach a Tripod Mount?

Tripod mounts can be considered the essential element for proper camera use, as they allow cameras to be properly attached to tripods. Its mounting is usually threaded, considering that it provides greater stability for the camera when it is being used.

The mount features a plate that screws onto the tripod’s centre column to mount the camera properly. There are slide, screw, and ball heads. It is important to determine if the camera that is handled has any of these adaptations to be installed as it corresponds.

The adjustment screws of the mount for its correct location have simple heads, so they are easier to adjust when assembling and disassembling said piece. There are no tripods without this mount, and if they exist, it is because they are not tripods for cameras of any kind but sound systems or speakers with another type of adaptation.

Tips to Carry a Tripod on Travel

When travelling, having a tripod at hand is not usually the most comfortable, as it can be a bit complicated to adapt your luggage tools for it. However, nowadays, you have the opportunity to store your tripod in specialized backpacks for it without creating too many complications in the process.

As you well know before, a Lowepro backpack has all the elements for you to adapt its exterior to ways of placing tripods so that you can choose this alternative. You can also have the opportunity to use a more special backpack for it in which you have the classification of the spaces to place the parts of the tripod that are separable, such as the head, the central column, and the tripod as it is commonly known.

Any available options require that your tripod be folded to the smallest possible size, thus making it take up less space and be more comfortable for you. It will always be this way, which is why you have to consider the dimensions of the tripod in its smallest size and that of the backpack, in case this is not specific to the brand of the tripod or you have acquired it in the purchase.


Tripods, at the time of being stored or transported, require a specific storage system in which there is the opportunity to have enough space to do so. It is not always possible to count on it, so you must have a correct choice, especially when your tripod does not have a backpack from the moment of purchase.

Knowing the ways of saving that you have available is important, being how any of them adapts to your transfer and travel preferences. Thus, over time, you will eliminate discomfort for you or anyone else around you while you carry your tripod anywhere you need it.

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