Gorillapod Vs Tripod Vs Monopod

The world of photography has a wide range of tools and accessories that help specialists in the field better manage approaches and shots. Thanks to this, this industry continues to improve daily, presenting elements such …

Gorillapod Vs Tripod Vs Monopod

Gorillapod Vs Tripod Vs Monopod

The world of photography has a wide range of tools and accessories that help specialists in the field better manage approaches and shots. Thanks to this, this industry continues to improve daily, presenting elements such as the Gorillapod, the Tripod, or the Monopod.

Therefore, it is essential to know their functions, considering when they may need and how they can be implemented in different situations. Based on this type of comparison, it is possible to find the most functional accessory for the needs or, in your best choices, keep the three options to use when appropriate.

Do you want to know more about it? Feel free to find the information for it here! Take each feature into account, and this way, you can have the tool you are going to use.

What is Gorillapod?

The Gorillapod is a kind of Tripod that has flexible and easy-to-use legs that hug different surfaces to hold on to. Once the camera is placed on it, a shot is programmed, helping to take group photographs, which can be somewhat complicated to take.

When to Use it?

Among the characteristics of the Gorillapod is that its legs are letters and ideas to adhere to posters or columns with ease. For this reason, it does not have the same height as a common tripod, although it can place on a table, and the countdown can activate to take a photograph.

When making videos, it can be very useful because it is a tool that presents a lot of sustainability on the surfaces on which it is held. However, given its small size, it is not usually an accessory that supports more than 5 kg of the camera placed on it.

Benefits of Using it

  • Weighs less than 2 kg, including the support ball
  • It is easy to transport and adapt to small spaces
  • Quickly attaches to columns and posts
  • Its materials are non-slip
  • It is very practical and does not require legs, as theirs will stand on any surface when fully opened

What is Tripod?

The Tripod is a 3-part, 1-center column accessory, achieving better support for angles and positions on uneven surfaces. All this is to achieve greater camera stability, avoiding camera movements when taking photos or videos.

When to Use it?

Using the Tripod is of great help when having long exposures in reverse of the implemented focal length. That establishes that to take photos that are not jittery, a shutter speed greater than one divided by the focal length used must use.

Here is how a Tripod can eliminate any movement that may be given by the movement of the pulse that the camera cannot level. In turn, a Tripod is ideal for taking outdoor photographs or long-term videos that have to be focused on a single object or environment.

Benefits of Using it

  • Have greater stability than the Gorillapod and Monopod
  • Can be expanded and retracted as needed, featuring custom-fit storage cases
  • Its legs have non-slip supports
  • Its center column can separate from the rest of the Tripod for closer focus
  • All models are compatible with the most popular cameras

What is Monopod?

A Monopod is an accessory for professional cameras or mobile phones that provide more stability and support to these elements to focus on a target. They tend to be lightweight, which makes them more practical and allows them to work at various heights with changes made to their levels at any time.

When to Use it?

The Monopod counts as the initial function to support a camera of any type to eliminate natural movements made by the hands when taking photos or videos. To do this, you have to place the Monopod with the camera previously installed and, if you have it, implement its legs to establish the required stability.

In turn, the height has to be calculated based on the camera’s height, allowing its viewfinder to be appropriate to the photographer’s height. Thus. It is known as a simple accessory that can easily present different functionalities by varying heights quickly.

Benefits of Using it

  • It is easy to assemble
  • Does not always require the use of legs
  • In many presentations, it has a level of adaptation to angles of different degrees
  • It has the adaptation of different cameras on its kneecap
  • It is very useful for photoshoots and photos in sports fields because its kneecap rotates easily

Gorillapod Vs Tripod Vs Monopod – Which One To Choose?

Once the most outstanding functions among these accessories have been noted, it is highlighted that they can all work at a photographic level simply. In the case of the Gorillapod, its adherence to different surfaces stands out, facilitating the taking of some somewhat difficult photographs; With the Tripod, there is greater support and stability, and with the Monopod, you can have different levels of adaptation, and it is a simple tool to handle.

Among all the choices that can handle, the tripod is the one that presents the complete characteristics, as it is very versatile. Although the Tripod cone has its adherence to columns or poles, it has great support stability on its legs on uneven surfaces since they can open separately.

In turn, it is noted that the central column in most models can be removed, leaving the camera and its support next to it. That helps it become a Monopod, so you can take this function whenever you want, making it possible to take the most functional one to the photographic activity that is being carried out.

There is also a storage bag, cleaning tools, and other tools that are very useful for any professional photography. If desired, this is the alternative that best suits the multiple needs that may arise. Still, it is more useful if you have all three elements so that the functions are more diverse if you have different cameras in operation.


The tools with the most functions found in photography are those that allow a camera holder to be used. The Gorillapod, the Tripod, and the Monopod are very important and necessary elements, which present great competition in the market with different brands and complementary characteristics.

In the previously presented review, the advantages found with each of these tools show that the Tripod is the most adaptable to different situations. Do you need a Tripod? Feel free to turn to your favorite accessory brand to get the right one for your camera.

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