Does Flash Hurt Rabbit’s Eyes?

Oh, look at that fluffy, loving, red-colored eyes bunny. Set your camera, and let’s start his photoshoot but wait, do not turn on your camera’s flashlight. Sounds freaking lousy, right?  Nowadays, a photoshoot of animals …

Do Flash Hurt Rabbit’s Eyes?

Do Flash Hurt Rabbit’s Eyes?

Oh, look at that fluffy, loving, red-colored eyes bunny. Set your camera, and let’s start his photoshoot but wait, do not turn on your camera’s flashlight. Sounds freaking lousy, right? 

Nowadays, a photoshoot of animals is not just a fondness; it’s a passion. Through different sources, we come to know that rabbits got blind after shooting with flashlights on. But is it true? 

Does Flash Hurt Rabbit’s Eyes?

Utilizing flash while shooting creatures is something of a disputable subject. Is your bunny is in danger just because of your passion? Blinding rabbits is a rare case while flashing photography, but yes, this flashlight annoys your rabbits. 

Flash photography is not a bad idea unless you are all equipped with excellent and safe components. Does flashlight hurt your rabbit’s eyes? And if yes so what are the precautions you should follow for a safe photoshoot. We can help you to find out about it!

Are Rabbit’s Eyes Sensitive to Light?

[su_note note_color=”#c9ecff” radius=”4″]Seeing the world from a rabbit’s eye would be great fun. Jokes apart, but in reality, it’s a fact that rabbits are good at night vision. Rabbits can see all around them at once. Most of their vision is long-sighted (seeing way better at distant separations), but they ended up short-sighted in front.[/su_note]

They moreover have a dazzling spot specifically before their nose. Rabbits can look all around themselves up to 360 degrees. Indeed, rabbits do not have a good sight as humans. There is a question every rabbit owner wants to know, is their bunny blind? So the answer is no, bunnies are not blind, but yes, they are color blind like some humans.

Moreover, rabbits have good night vision compared to humans, but they are more sensitive to light. A bunny’s eyesight is eight times more sensitive to light than a human eye. It clearly shows that a flashlight is harmful to your bunny’s sight.

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Can LED Lights Hurt Bunnies’ Eyes?

Bunnies’ eyes cannot bear a high light, so generally, a LED light is not suitable for your rabbit’s vision. Moreover, rabbits feel comfortable in low lighting, so treating your bunny with high infrared light can harm your fluffy bunny vision. As a result, your rabbit can face different vision problems as a high LED light with ultra-lighting can blind your little bunny.

Bunny usually like a dim lighting room, and decorating your bunny’s room with a LED light is something your bunny would not like. Flicker produced by these lights is annoying to your bunny. As a result, your bunny can face mood swings, vision problems, and many others. Rabbits spend most of the sunshine hours in burrows, resting. 

Once the light diminishes, they ended up more dynamic scavenging, giving for youthful, keeping up with their activities, or socializing. As the morning light comes up, they will return to their burrows, proving that rabbits are more comfortable in night or dark than morning or lighting.

How Do You Treat Sore Eyes In Rabbits?

[su_note note_color=”#eadfff” radius=”4″]High lighting led lights, the flash does not lead to blindness in your rabbits, but yes, it can cause eye infection in your bunny. Sometimes, these eye infections are more annoying to your bunny than it looks likes.[/su_note]

Treating these infections on time can save your bunny vision; otherwise, if it’s too late, the result can be so terrifying. Moreover, the eye infection can be treated through different anti-biotics and medicines if your bunny faces any difficulty in seeing things properly. In that case, your first responsibility is to take your bunny to any eye specialist. 

Secondly, you should start proper treatment for sore eyes. A sore eye is a condition in which one’s eye becomes red, gritty, or tired. To treat sore eyes, you can use different eye drops to kill bacteria and use artificial water to moist your bunny eyes. 

You can prevent your bunny from sore eyes by checking your bunny eyes regularly and have a look at your bunny for his excellent health.

How to Take Pictures of a Rabbit at Night? – Quick And Easy

  • Make sure the rabbit is comfortable with you
  • Set up your camera on a tripod or steady surface, and make sure it’s not too close to the ground
  • Turn off any lights that are near the rabbit
  • Use a flash if there are no other sources of light around
  • Zoom in as much as possible without getting too close to the animal
  • Keep an eye on your shutter speed – don’t let it go under 1/60th of a second

Tips For Rabbit Photography – Things You Need To Keep In Mind

Here are some tips and tricks for rabbit photography, now you can photoshoot your rabbits with excellent and safe guidance.

  • First of all, the surrounding matters. A peaceful surrounding with Eden scenario is something that will make your bunny photo look more beautiful.
  • Secondly, posing your rabbit is a difficult task. This step will consume your time. However, the best pose considered for rabbits is standing on their hinged legs.
  • Photos in daylight are much more attractive than in the night. In night photography, you have to use flash, which is considered detrimental to your bunny’s sight.
  • The main point of focus is that while shooting, you should consider your pet’s mood; either your rabbit is feeling comfortable or not.

In simple, for good photography, you need a high-quality camera, suitable location, and of course, your honey bunny you are all set to capture the best moments of your life.


Capturing the best moments of your pet’s life is every owner’s wish. Make your wish come true in a decent and mannerly way. Shooting your rabbits is somehow a challenging task that is full of fun. It’s like making a sweet dish with little high effort.

You should focus on every little detail. Keep one thing in mind that flash photography is not a bad idea for your rabbit but shooting your rabbit while he is disturbed or uncomfortable with that flash is a bad idea. No one adds spices to their sweet dish to spoil its taste.

In the same manner, do not use a flashlight in your photography to spoil your bunny’s happy photos.  We hope you find this article informative for you as a rabbit owner. If you notice any changes in your rabbit’s health or vision, contact an eye specialist as fast as you can.

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