Do Professional Photographers Use Autofocus?

The cameras autofocus system is one of the most current, important, and most valued functions by photographers. There are many simple ways to understand how the different systems work, their technology, and their strengths and …

Do Professional Photographers Use Autofocus?

The cameras autofocus system is one of the most current, important, and most valued functions by photographers. There are many simple ways to understand how the different systems work, their technology, and their strengths and weaknesses. What would happen to the photos if the cameras don’t have autofocus? That is one of the most common questions in the community of photographers.

There is no worse than a poorly focused image. However, these problems can solve with good use of autofocus. Although you can frame, take care of compositions, exposures, and white balances, and use cameras with tripods, it won’t do any good if the photo is poorly focused. The first thing people need to know is how the approaches work to apply them anytime they want to capture an image.

What is Autofocus?

Autofocus (AF) is one of the functions of a camera and tries to make sure that the subject or object comes out sharp. The sensors detect how far an individual or object can be from the camera, transmitting the information to the lens. After this transmission, through the electronic motor, the focal length of the lens can adjust.

[su_note note_color=”#c9ecff” radius=”4″]Most shooting and pointing cameras only contain autofocus, but DSLRs and mirrorless cameras can disable AF. The first cameras with an automatic focus were developed at the end of the ’70s, with progressive improvements to the present day. Currently, the cameras have dedicated AF sensors that are responsible for analyzing the scenes through the viewfinders.[/su_note]

Once the subjects are fixed with the AF, the focus can maintain on moving subjects or individuals. This feature is particularly useful for those involved in sports photography, where a lot of movement occurs. Autofocus can be used at any opportunity and make the shooting of images look much more professional and with incredible quality.

Modern DSLR cameras have many settings for autofocus and include ways to select from various points in the viewfinder. The complex algorithms present in AF can predict what you want to focus on or improve the precision of a point. All modern cameras use “Passive AF,” where the AF sensor analyzes the images that enter through the lenses.

Do Professional Photographers Use Autofocus?

Do Professional Photographers Use Autofocus?

Many professional photographers use autofocus 99% of the time when it comes to capturing photos on the go. Using AF provides photographers with much more efficient speed and precision than manual focusing. When it comes to low-light situations, autofocus may fail briefly, and this is when the manual focus should be resorted to.

People using a camera and autofocus will still have control of where they want to focus. Professional photographers know that there is no right or wrong time to use automatic or manual focus. Both can produce excellent and professional results. However, AF is an option that can be much easier and simpler.

Professional and experienced photographers do not function uniquely. They come to use different modalities and options provided by cameras. Depending on the situation that arises when capturing an image, the photographer will use two approaches: automatic or manual. Normally, autofocus is used by professional photographers since it would be almost impossible to photograph sports or moments where there is a lot of movement.

Is it Better to Use Autofocus or Manual?

Digital cameras today offer photographers greater options and ranges of shooting modes and automatic or semi-automatic focus. On certain occasions, there are often difficulties understanding which of the approaches the best option when wanting to capture images is. Those looking for a final decision on the type of approach that makes sense of the photographs will first need to understand the pros and cons of each of these approaches.

Autofocus and a manual focus do much the same thing: they both adjust the focus of the camera lenses. However, cameras can determine that the focus is much sharper using the sensors dedicated to measuring it with autofocus. Professional photographers using the autofocus mode have nothing to do, quite the opposite, with the manual focus mode.

[su_note note_color=”#eadfff” radius=”4″]What is the best approach? Very simple, it all depends on the situation and what you want to film or capture with the cameras. Most of the time, autofocus will be the best option for novice and professional photographers.[/su_note]

Which Autofocus Mode is Best for Moving Subjects?

Before capturing images with cameras, people should ask themselves if the object or subject is in motion. Erratically (young children, soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball) and in an expected line (jumpers, runners, divers) are the most common forms of movement. They know how to identify the type of movement that an object or subject exhibits, which will form the basis of many decisions about the use of autofocus.

Among the best autofocus modes are the continuous focus for capturing moving subjects in photos (Nikon and Canon). The AF area modes for capturing moving subjects take care of keeping images in focus. These autofocus modes can often use when photographers find themselves in various situations that warrant it.

The main situations are moments of great rush, when it is impossible to visualize what is intended to be photographed and self-portraits. Moving scenes are also times when using the autofocus modes are ideal and perfect.


Professional sports photographers make the most use of autofocus, almost without exception. That is because sports photography is very difficult and complex to do without some advanced tracking algorithm. Therefore, professional and novice photographers tend to activate automatic focus and always leave it on.

Currently, the cameras include some important systems of automatic focus and even without the possibility of manual focus. This type of approach can be very beneficial for those who want to achieve professional and quality images.

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