How to Charge For Destination Wedding Photography?

Do you know what will be a good price to charge for destination wedding photography? Don’t worry we got it covered for you. A wedding is a delightful and blissful moment for two people. For …

Charges For Destination Wedding Photography

Charges For Destination Wedding Photography

Do you know what will be a good price to charge for destination wedding photography? Don’t worry we got it covered for you. A wedding is a delightful and blissful moment for two people. For many, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and they want to capture that moment in the pictures. They want their wedding location to be perfect and the images to be flawless.

Being a photographer brings an excellent opportunity for you, especially if it is a destination wedding. In a normal wedding, you don’t have to travel but in a destination wedding, you’ve to travel because the couple wants their wedding to be at a beautiful location increasing traveling costs. Instead of falling for the beautiful moment, consider charging them fairly and a good amount.

How to Charge For Destination Wedding Photography?

If we talk about what separates the local wedding from the destination wedding, then the only difference is the distance. So you don’t need to get so much caught up that you forget about the basics of doing business as the destination wedding photographer. Earning a living out of the photography profession still needs to be your primary goal in that event.

Important Contract:

Destination wedding contracts should read just like your other wedding contracts with travel-specific clauses, which are essential to ensure that both you and your client should stick to the agreement that you both agreed on. It also ensures that you get your full payment when the work is done as per requirement.

[su_note note_color=”#c9ecff” radius=”4″]It is best to get a lawyer to review your destination wedding contract. The lawyer will analyze the contract according to the right laws and will assist you in adding on any missing keywords and lawsuits that can help you to protect your legal rights in the agreement and ensure a healthy working environment according to the contract.[/su_note]

How Much do Destination Wedding Photographers Cost?

To estimate how much destination wedding photographers cost, it is essential to understand their package structure. It would be best if you kept in mind that while normal wedding photography cost you money, then obviously, the destination wedding photography will cost you more money. Hence one’s budget should be high for destination wedding photography. 

Structuring the package

While structuring the destination wedding photography price, many things need to be considered, such as how long it will be a trip, what will be the traveling expenses, and the maintenance price if any equipment got damage.

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What is a Good Price to Charge For Wedding Photography?

To determine the amount that a wedding photographer cost for destination wedding photography, it is vital to understand the packages that the photographer has to offer. The three basic types of structure to price out the destination wedding photography are in the discussion below.

Flat Rate Packages

Think of the flat rate as the destination photography for dummies. It saves the person from calculating the cost of one thing over and over again. It is best to fix each traveling destination’s price before traveling, create a standard rate for each traveling destination which is fixing by adding the travel expense and your work price for doing the photography. 

Itemized Rate Packages

It works best in all-inclusive events. Itemized rates require you to submit a single expense relating to your travel to your client for reimbursement. It is best when your client knows exactly how much everything will cost. In this scenario, the travel agent or resort has a pre-package of the travel expense, and there are not going to be any hidden financial surprises.

It is best that your itemized contract should justify that what your client is paying for; for example, instead of just mentioning the hotel name, it is better to mention the period that you will stay there, the number of rooms you acquire, and the specific hotel name that you are going to acquire to avoid any future losses.  

Combo Rate Packages

It allows you to enjoy the safety net of the flat rate, with the flexibility of the itemized rate. It is pretty helpful as this allows your client to book your demanding flight and your selective hotel from their pocket. If the client has a voucher for booking these facilities, this saves him cost on many expenses, and you get your demanding flight and hotel.

How Much Should a Photographer Charge For Travel?

It’s better to take the traveling cost for the highest/peak traveling season. It will ensure that you get the maximum benefit while traveling in the peak season. It is challenging to increase the destination photography cost once you’ve created a standard price. Plus, if the traveling is off-season, you can put a discount on your package, increasing your customers.

How Much Does A Wedding Photographer Charge Per Hour?

Wedding photographers are pretty expensive than normal event photographers. They cost you almost $1000 – $3000 for 6 hours. Thus a wedding photographer by profession is a pretty rewarding profession and can make you a lot of money if you provide quality images with sound and good editing. 

This wedding photography is a pretty rewarding business that can help you to sustain a good lifestyle. Although a wedding photographer’s earning is quiet if we talk about per hour pay, the camera and equipment are still pretty expensive, so one should take care of these parameters while keeping the per hour pay in mind. 


[su_note note_color=”#ffffa5″ radius=”4″]Destination wedding photography is quite a promising career for those who have a passion for photography. The main point of such a high cost of destination wedding photography is that you have to travel a certain distance to cover a photography event. This traveling is making you gain some extra money which is justified if you are providing quality photos.[/su_note]

One should first practice using the camera properly. One should learn how to handle the camera precisely as it could damage the camera. After complete practicing and polishing your photography skill, you must look forward to stepping into destination wedding photography. Hope this article has provided you the best photography skills regarding destination wedding photography.

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