Canon M50 Vlog Setup

Since it was released, the Canon M50 has been doing well in a very good way within today’s vlogging community. Although its price places it between beginners and intermediate price ranges, sales have continued to …

Canon M50 Vlog Setup

Since it was released, the Canon M50 has been doing well in a very good way within today’s vlogging community. Although its price places it between beginners and intermediate price ranges, sales have continued to grow exponentially. The vast majority of people who have dared to use some previous versions of the Canon M50 have satisfied all their needs.

Many people often ask about each of the accessories of this camera that they can buy and add to the blogging setup. It is well known that vlogging is a competitive space today and, the implementation of tips and tricks can be positive. A good Canon M50 Vlog Setup, tips, and additional accessories will help you fully improve the quality of the videos and stand out from the competition.

This article will serve as a quick but effective guide to the ten most important tips currently in the Canon M50 Vlog Setup. These tips can improve different camera settings, and you don’t need to do all of them.

10 Tips for The Ultimate Canon M50 Vlog Setup

Canon M50 Vlog Setup

Below, you can get ten easy and simple tips for solving your life regarding the Canon M50 Vlog Setup. It is not necessary that you completely follow all the tips, but if you take a look at each one very carefully:

1. Learn the Basics

It is the easiest thing you will get to get started. However, there are still people looking for advice on vlogging and do not know the basics. Even if you spend a lot of money on blogging to improve the quality of your images, it can quickly become wasteful if the quality is poor. You can find and view videos that serve as a decent starting point for what you can do in the settings.

A large amount of free content explains how to improve vlogging and that you can take advantage of or exploit to the maximum. If you want to improve your vlogging techniques more professionally, you can sign up for available and trustworthy courses.

2. Invest in Decent Lens

While each of the lenses on the Canon M50 is a solid starting point, there is another way to improve the quality of images and videos. Investing in a better lens will always pay off when it comes to this camera, even if that lens is up for debate. Some users consider a lens for the Canon M50 the best for when you decide to vlog; these are on the market for different prices.

Because some lenses are extremely expensive, the Canon EF-M 15-45mm f / 3.5-6.3 is usually the main upgrade for the Canon M50. When it comes to vlogging glasses, you should be very attentive to the various options on the market.

3. Improve Audio Quality

One of the main aspects that people new to blogging regularly forget is the video, image, and audio quality. The quality of the audio tracks is often overlooked, which can affect the final results of the videos. Although the microphone that the Canon M50 has built-in is decent, you can choose a much better external microphone and thus make a difference.

One of the best microphones currently recommended for use with the Canon M50 is the Rode Video Micro. However, there is also a very similar alternative that you might consider: the Rode Video Mic Go; this contains a very similar price to the other model.

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4. Ideal Gimbal

Suppose you are one of those who blog in a niche where you have to move a lot while recording. Using a gimbal is an excellent investment. This accessory helps to provide better stability to the images and videos that you capture at the right moments of vlogging. It gives you very fluid results in video footage. In addition, it helps you completely improve the overall quality of the video.

A good gimbal offers you a large payload capacity and can support the full weight of a Canon M50 camera. No matter that the camera comes across many additional accessories mounted on it, a gimbal will be able to support it.

5. Spare Batteries

Keeping a set of spare batteries for the Canon M50 is an excellent idea and even more so when traveling. These replacement batteries are essential parts of the blogging kit and can get you out of any trouble or emergencies. On some occasions, you can find yourself away from home, which limits you from recharging your equipment; in this case, extra batteries are an excellent option.

This ace up your sleeve will allow you to keep blogging until you can get to recharge your Canon M50 camera completely. Currently, there are a wide variety of options on the market that are postulated to be the best replacement batteries (you have the last word)

6. Use Suitable Selfie Stick

By now, you should know very well how useful a selfie stick can be for when you want to blog abroad. However, many people think that these sticks are too flimsy to support the weight of a Canon M50 camera. Although it is usually true that some selfie sticks do not support the weight of some camera models, the Fugetek FT-568 is the exception.

This model of the selfie stick is specifically designed to support the weight of a Canon M50 camera. It’s an extremely inexpensive add-on accessory and is a great addition to your vlogging kit that can help you get amazing footage.

7. Make Sure Settings Are Correct

You must be very careful that the Canon M50 Vlog Setup is correctly found since this is one of the most important areas. That is usually one of the aspects where each user of this camera model has their own opinion and preference. How the Canon M50 should be configured to obtain the best possible quality is often a long and extensive debate between different users.

The specific niche you find yourself working in will undoubtedly play much of what is considered an ideal setup. If you want to have a referential starting point, you can search and view videos that offer you a base to customize.

8. Good Tripod

A tripod is an extremely important accessory for vlogging as it provides stabilization in the images. It works for any vlogging niche you can imagine, and you can currently find a wide variety of models on the market at great prices. Based on expert recommendations, the Zomei Z818 is an excellent tripod that can become an ideal complement to the Canon M50 camera.

It is one of the best tripods available at the moment, and it is due to its low price but that it provides excellent performance. It has a great build quality, gives you comfortable monopod functionality, and has impressive ease of use. It can offer you everything that a blogger would like to have on hand to make videos in any place and weather condition.

9. Balance Camera and Sensor Size

A Canon M50 camera with a much larger sensor will be able to offer you better images with higher quality. When blogging, you must balance the size of the sensor with the overall size of the camera. If you have a smaller camera and a slightly larger one, you can use both for different purposes and enjoy additional camera angles in all your vlogs.

10. Use Wi-Fi to Share

The Canon M50, like other models, offers built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Thanks to this, you can share and make backup copies wirelessly from anywhere you are blogging. If you connect this camera via Wi-Fi to a smart device, you can live stream with your YouTube channel.

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Is the Canon M50 Good for Vlogging?

If you are not limited in budget, using the Canon M50 will be the best decision you make right now. Currently, it is considered the best camera for blogging in general, thanks to its new and improved features that blogger’s find exciting. It is entirely understandable that the Canon M50 shares similar characteristics to other M-series camera models.

The current popularity of this camera among the wide and global blogging community has various and well-deserved reasons. It offers many amazing and innovative features that allow you to record better videos no matter where you are.

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Can the Canon M50 Be Used Professionally?

Although the Canon M50 has everything it takes to be an almost perfect camera, it has its limits, and you must know how to respect them. The wide variety of compatible functions for vlogging makes this camera far from being used professionally. The lack of a second SD slot is why this camera model cannot be used at professional events.

The Canon M50 has a complete, ideal, and excellent performance in the world of vlogging; therefore, the performance as professional use will not be the most optimal. The robustness of this camera is not enough for professional use, although this aspect is not so important if you have a backup. You better leave the professional work to another Canon camera model and approach the M50 to everything that has to do with vlogging.

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Does the Canon M50 Shoot 4K?

In addition to the Canon M50 recording some excellent 4K video (albeit cropped), it also contains an electronic viewfinder (EVF). This viewfinder can be very useful if you find yourself recording very bright scenes that could make the LCD screen difficult to see. It has an astonishing 4K video capture capability, being an upgrade from all the predecessor models of the M line.

You have to keep in mind that there is a catch, and that is, shooting with the 4K mode of the Canon M50 will add a crop factor (1.6x). However, this is not something you should worry about when recording a blog.

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The Canon M50 camera is a great way to record vlogs and is currently the most popular blogger community. After reading the top 10 tips to achieve a perfect Canon M50 Vlog Setup, you will get better results.

Perhaps, the information found in this article will be totally useful to you and help you climb to a higher level, becoming an excellent and famous blogger on YouTube.

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