Best Tripods for Tall Person

Best Tripods for Tall Person

Believe it or not, the best tripod will help you feel more comfortable when you want to record or capture an image. In this guide, you will meet the best tripod for tall person, where digital cameras can be placed without any problem. The objective of reviewing each of these 5 tripods considered the best of 2022 is that you can have the necessary information when choosing a definitive option.

Tripods have become an essential accessory for all those who love photography and videos of the highest quality. Stability, firmness, and the range of visual fields are some of the main characteristics achieved with tripods and should be considered before buying.

The use of a tripod becomes fundamentally important for the shots to be captured by professional photographers. Therefore, you must get a perfect and suitable tripod right now; This is a very simple task, but inexperience can turn the result around. When buying a tripod, most photographers are looking for versatility and quality in all the captures of images or videos with digital cameras.

It is impossible that a single tripod can be compatible with each of the demands that you may have. For this and more reasons, this guide is the ideal tool to help you make the best decision when choosing the Best Tripod for Tall Person. Do you have a question and don’t know which tripod for a tall person to choose?

Best Tripods for Tall People – Top Picks of 2022

Manfrotto 161MK2B Super Pro Tripod
Manfrotto 055 Aluminum 3-Section Tripod
SIRUI Traveler 7C Camera Tripod
Product Title
Product Title
Manfrotto 161MK2B Super Pro Tripod
Manfrotto 055 Aluminum 3-Section Tripod
SIRUI Traveler 7C Camera Tripod
Carbon Fiber
Maximum Height
Maximum Height
267 Centimeters
170 Centimeters
171 Centimeters
Minimum Height
Minimum Height
44 Centimeters
9 Centimeters
Adjustable legs
Adjustable legs
4 legs

What Type of Tripods Are Good for Tall People?

Thanks to the boom in the photographic market a few years ago, there has been a constant update of all digital products and accessories for cameras. Currently, people can get different models and sizes of tripods that help them get what they want on the market. When buying this tool, people should be very careful to fit their height in size and not cause discomfort.

You may feel concerned when you want to buy a tripod for your digital cameras if your height exceeds 1.70 centimeters. In this guide, you can get some recommendations of the 5 best tripods on the market that can be very useful.

Top 5 Best Tripods for Tall Person Reviews

When you need to get an ideal tripod for tall people, Manfrotto should be the top brand to consider. Below, you can take a closer look at the five best tripods for tall people that belong to Manfrotto.

1. Manfrotto 161MK2B Super Pro Tripod

Top Pick

Manfrotto 161MK2B Tripod

Great for Tall People

If you’re looking for quality when it comes to tripods that will last throughout the years, this tripod may be just what you need.

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It is one of the tallest tripods in the range and can provide a completely stable platform for cameras weighing around 20kg. The maximum height that it allows is a solid 2.67 meters. On the other hand, this giant can also reach a minimum height of 44 cm. This tripod contains a large-format structure and design ideal for use in studios or home interiors.

The center column of this Manfrotto tripod model is designed for easier and more precise adjustments. One of its other great aspects is that it can easily handle the 8x ten vision cameras at maximum heights and precarious angles. The legs contain ideal characteristics that make this tripod able to maintain the maximum possible rigidity.

The built-in mid-level spreader is completely special to add anti-twist rigidity, preventing the legs from being accidentally separated. This tripod model that Manfrotto has available on the market today is one of the best options for tall people. It is a very tall tripod that can adjust to different sizes of much more than 1.70 meters.

Manfrotto 161MK2B Super Pro Tripod Unboxing


  • The material with which it is manufactured is rubber
  • The color of the tripod is completely black
  • The maximum height the tripod can reach is about 2.67 meters
  • The minimum height can reach is a comfortable 44 centimeters
  • The weight of the tripod is 17.53 pounds
  • Has a load capacity of 44 pounds
  • Its folded length is 41.3 inches
  • It is a very tall tripod
  • It is compatible with a wide range of accessories
  • Legs are individually adjustable, and angles are lockable
  • May be unstable at times depending on the surface
  • Movements in the head that are transferred to the legs
  • May include a special strap for transport

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2. Manfrotto 055 Aluminum 3-Section Tripod

2nd Pick

Manfrotto 055 Tripod

3-Section Tripod Kit

It has an easy to use ball head, quick one finger operation of the centre column, and even a rotating bubble level so you can be sure your shots are levelled on all planes.

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The Manfrotto 055 is commercially available in carbon fiber or aluminum, with both versions boasting a premium feel. This tripod model is unstable, flimsy, or fragile, so it can work no matter where it is used. The legs of this particular tripod inspire a lot of confidence, even in the thinnest segments that feel solid.

The professionals highly recommend that if you can afford the extra cost of this carbon fiber model tripod, please go for it. Between the model made of aluminum and the one made of carbon fiber, the carbon one provides greater and more pleasant tripod handling. If your wallet is in good condition, you should trust to choose the Manfrotto 055 made with carbon fiber.

There are many opportunities for professional photographers where the Manfrotto 055 tripod is the most appropriate. It is an ideal tripod for studio work and an excellent choice for shooting outdoors. It is a very versatile, resistant, and stable option; as intended, it can add a lot of value to photographers’ work.

Manfrotto 055 Aluminum 3-Section Tripod Unboxing

Manfrotto 055 Aluminum 3-Section Tripod Unboxing


  • The manufacturer of the tripod is Manfrotto
  • It has two types of materials for the manufacture of the tripod: aluminum and carbon fiber.
  • Its leg sections are 3 Al / CF
  • The color of this tripod is total black
  • Its weight is 5.5 pounds Al and 4.6 pounds CF
  • The maximum height it can reach is 70 inches
  • The leg lock type is flip-up
  • The leg angles are: 25, 46, 66, and 88 degrees
  • Safety payload weight is about 20 pounds
  • Contains a very solid construction
  • Its load capacity is very impressive
  • Has versatility in the central column
  • It is a very heavy tripod to take on a trip
  • The system to open and lock the legs is a bit annoying

3. SIRUI Traveler 7C Carbon Fiber Tripod

3rd Pick

SIRUI Traveler 7C Camera Tripod

Great Load Capacity

if you need a tripod to help your images look their best, there’s something out there that will work perfectly for you.

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Now photography lovers can count on this very compact and lightweight traveling tripod that pushes the limits of photoshoots. The construction of this tripod model is very solid, thanks to the best quality material with which it is manufactured. It offers maximum lightness and robustness when wanting to capture images outdoors. In addition, other items can hang to increase stability.

4-section carbon fiber legs with quick-release twist locks allow people to adjust heights. The 3-position leg angle adjustment system can lead to more flexible shots. The legs can also be reversed and folded to the rear by about 180 degrees.

It is a much superior tripod compared to other traditional options on the market for higher prices. This tripod is the most ideal and perfect for all photographers who want to achieve quality and excellence in photographs. The detachable legs can easily be converted to an amazing monopod for all your extended shots.


  • With the devices it is compatible with are DSLR and iPhone 8
  • The manufacturer brand is SIRUI
  • The material with which this tripod is made in carbon fiber
  • The tripod head type is the ball
  • The color of the tripod is completely black
  • Your weight limit is about 17.6 pounds
  • The maximum height that it can reach is about 171 centimeters
  • Its retracted height is about 25 inches
  • Monopod height is 20.47-68.3 inches
  • It has multiple working heights
  • The configuration of the legs is very easy and simple
  • It is very easy to carry a tripod (lightweight)
  • It is very flimsy
  • Not the most suitable for hiking
  • The ball joint is very stiff

4. Manfrotto Befree Advanced Tripod

4th Pick

Manfrotto Befree Tripod

3-Way Fluid Head

If you’re looking for a lightweight tripod that can be used in multiple positions, this is the perfect one for you. It comes with three different modes so it can be adjusted to fit your needs and shoot from any angle no matter where you are. Plus, it has an easy carry bag for travel convenience.

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This tripod has become the new standard of excellence for anyone who wants to take photos on the go anywhere. Already people have to forget the ways they used to travel before to capture the beauties of the outdoors. With this tripod model from Manfrotto, which is from a renewed and very elegant range, novice and professional photographers will be able to satisfy their needs.

It is fully designed for incredible travel photography thanks to the tripod mount and its high performance. It contains a new generation of legs built with carbon fibers that ensure maximum performance and extreme lightness. This amazing and innovative tripod can be found ready in seconds, saving time to capture the best landscapes.

The range of this tripod comes in two different locking mechanisms: the M-Lock and the QPL Lever Clock. It also has a totally impressive load capacity with easy adjustments and the most ergonomic and independent controls. It is an excellent option for those who like to travel to many places and capture the best images on the site.


  • The compatible device of this tripod is DSLR
  • The manufacturer of this notebook is Manfrotto
  • The main material with which the tripod is made in carbon fiber
  • The tripod head type is the ball
  • This tripod comes in two different colors: black and silver.
  • Reaches a maximum height of 59 inches
  • Its minimum height is capable of reaching about 16.14 inches
  • The total weight of this tripod is 2.75 pounds
  • Its safety payload is 17.64 pounds
  • Contains a unique premium design
  • Thanks to its weight, it makes it an ideal tripod for travel
  • It is very versatile and helps in photographs
  • Plastic lock levers are very cheap
  • The tripod head may have some drawbacks when turning
  • Jamming of the tripod plate

5. Manfrotto 190X Aluminum 3-Section Tripod

5th Pick

Manfrotto 190X Tripod

Quick power leg locks

If you’re looking for a tripod with great versatility and mobility, look no further than Manfrotto 190X. This innovative piece features ground-level capability so you can get low angle shots without having to do any manoeuvring or balancing.

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The Manfrotto 190X is an amazing 3 section aluminum tripod that packs essential functions with quality built-in. It has some very key characteristics where the ground-level adapter can allow creativity in all the shots taken. The tripod achieves ultra-low positions when placed on the top frame in combination with the four leg angles.

The legs of this tripod can be extended and adjusted quickly thanks to the Quick Power Lock levers that lock and unlock them. The QPL levers are specially designed to allow one-handed grips for added comfort. From a single folded position, the sections of each leg of this tripod model can release with just one movement.

Ergonomic leg angle selectors allow each leg to be adjusted independently and solidly. The casting on the top of the tripod has an Easy Link connector that helps support photo and video accessories such as LED lights, reflectors, and other gear. It is a very good choice as a tripod. However, there are better Manfrotto models available that offer much more.


  • Aluminum is the main material found in the tripod
  • The black color is the only one that enhances the entire product.
  • The maximum height that the tripod can reach is 62.99 inches
  • Its minimum height is between 9 centimeters
  • The size that can fold is 23.23
  • The number of the leg sections is 3
  • The weight of this tripod is approximately 4.41 pounds
  • Contains quick electric locks for the legs
  • Leg adjustments are independent
  • Contains an integrated easy link connector
  • The tripod does not include an arm to move the camera
  • Disadvantages with stiff legs
  • Tripod head jumps occur when panning direction changes

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Tripod

1. Quality

The quality of the tripods for tall people is essential as this will make the product durable. In addition, good build quality is vital so that the tripods can withstand any environment or storage location. People will always choose those tripods that offer them the best build quality and materials (aluminum or carbon fiber).

2. Max Height

The maximum height of a tripod for tall people should carefully consider before buying an option in the market. A good tripod that reaches a considerable height will ensure that people taller than 1.70 meters can use the apparatus. These maximum heights should always be a few inches taller than the photographer’s height.

3. Weight to Handle

Weight is one of the biggest factors influencing people’s decisions regarding getting a tripod for their cameras. Weight is also what will determine if the tripod is an ideal device to transport and handle anywhere. Otherwise, an extremely heavy tripod will not help people who want to take them outside.

4. Number of Leg Sections

The leg sections for this type of tripod should be the best and constructed of the best possible material. More leg sections will further reduce the length of the tripod while the tripod is fully folded. This aspect should be very well considered by all those who want to transport this type of tripod outdoors constantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do You need to use Ball Head with Tripod to Extend the Height?

Like tripods, various ball heads range from the cheapest to the expensive ones. And yes, those who want to extend the heights of their tripods can do so using the ideal ball heads. These ball heads can reach up to 190 cm but can be used at all angles and heights.

  • What tripod height is the best?

Although there are a wide variety of tripods that provide ideal heights, there is always one that is best above all. Tripods that can be stretched to a height of almost 2 meters are ideal for those over 1.70 meters tall.

  • What is the maximum height of the tripod?

The vast majority of the most popular tripods for being the best for tall people have a maximum height of 2 meters. They can exceed this height due to accessories such as ball heads.

  • Is a 60-inch tripod tall enough?

No, tripods measuring 60 inches are not tall enough to reach the height of people who are 1.70 meters tall. These tripods are not at all suitable for very tall people.

  • How can I increase the height of my tripod?

The heights of the tripods can be increased thanks to the extension processes that each has. Also, the ball heads can be an ideal complement that adds a little more height to the tripods.

  • How heavy should a tripod be?

Tripods with a lot of weight are not ideal for taking as options when wanting to take them anywhere. A light and lightweight will make it even easier to transport this product to the outdoors, where you want to capture some images.

  • How do I keep my tripod from falling?

To prevent a tripod from falling onto the surfaces where it is placed, people should ensure that they have excellent leg grips. In addition to the grips, stabilization is also given depending on the structure the tripod is manufactured.


The best tripod for tall person is among these five main options detailed and reviewed in each of its characteristics. You must be very clear why you will use this type of tripod to avoid spending money on an item that you will not use.

Getting a tripod can be considered a trifle compared to other types of photographic tools. Are you a tall person and need a tripod? This guide will be the perfect solution to your needs.



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