Best Tripods for Nikon D3300, D3200 & D3100

If you are looking for the best ways to make your photographic work look great, using a Nikon is the best option. With these cameras, you will take photographic captures and record exciting videos. However, the camera alone will not do everything for you. It would be best if you got a very key element such as support accessories that complement the camera and, together, achieve a professional result.

For people who are into visuals and are fascinated by capturing very attractive images, using a Nikon D3300, D3200 or D3100 is the best today. It will emphasize the key characteristics, their qualities, the pros and cons, and a review of each of the tripods considered for the year 2022 as the best.

If you find yourself in an exhaustive and almost professional search for the best tripods for a Nikon, you should know that there are some interesting products. These are discussed below in terms of its main features and all that it offers in Nikon camera stability.

Does Nikon need a tripod?

The Nikon cameras contain many features that will help you capture images or videos from anywhere. However, using a tripod suitable for these camera models will give you more professional results and enhance each feature. You should make sure to get the Best Tripods for Nikon D3300 that help you improve the shots that are achieved with this camera model much more.

On many occasions, to achieve perfection and professional results in images/videos, it is necessary to have the help of an excellent tripod. It requires something much more than a simple eye of the photographer and his handling of the techniques. You must have a good stability tool.

10 Best Tripods for Nikon D3300, D3200 & D3100 in 2022

If you are a loyal user of Nikon D3300, D3200, and D3100 cameras, you need an ideal tripod to achieve impressive results. Some of the models reviewed below are ultralight, suitable for those who take pictures on each of their trips.

1. SIRUI AM-2 Series Tripod

SIRUI AM-284 Camera Tripod Carbon Fiber Professional Tripod......
  • Durable Carbon Fiber: Manufactured with high-quality carbon fiber, SIRUI AM-284 tripod kit is lightweight, sturdy and durable.
  • Stability: With high-strength carbon fiber and professional technology, the AM-284 tripod is of great stability—15kg/33.1lb load capacity. Meanwhile, a hook is provided to hang additional weight for increasing stability when shoot in windy condition.
  • K-20X ball head has enhanced stability with high-quality anodized aluminum alloy, strong locking system and 54mm/2.1inch large base diameter. load capacity up to 25kg/55.1lb.
SIRUI AM-284 Tripod
SIRUI AM-284 Tripod

The SIRUI AM-2 series tripods are very light devices and we choose them as the best tripod for Nikon D3200, but at the same time, they provide a unique strength that other tripods on the market do not have. This series of carbon tripods are specially designed for all those who like to capture professional photos. With this series, without a doubt, you will be able to take the tripod anywhere, and this device withstands each of the most adverse weather conditions.

This tripod surprises all professionals due to its extreme lightness and the high stability that is combined in this device. The legs of this tripod and the vast majority of the AM-2 series are made of 10-layer carbon fibre. These activate three fundamental factors in the tripod: immunity in the vibration, lightness, and the neutrality of the outside temperatures.

It is a tripod that is very well made and is designed with the best compact material that allows you to take it anywhere on trips. It maintains a balance in leg size, sturdiness, and weight while maintaining a very manageable size. The legs of the carbon material and their locks are very good medium in size, and you can get to feel them of very high quality and extremely durable.


  • Tripod compatible devices are still cameras and camcorders
  • The manufacturer brand is SIRUI
  • The material with which the tripod is made in carbon fibre
  • The type of tripod head is the “ball head.”
  • It is available in a black colour
  • Its weight limit is about 22 pounds, and its maximum load is about 33.1 pounds.
  • The total weight of the tripod is 1.62 pounds
  • There are three sections of the legs that the tripod has
  • It is totally small and fits anywhere in your luggage
  • Easy to mount
  • It is easy to adjust on its legs
  • It is compatible with all AM-2 series tripods
  • Not available in other colors

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2. Vanguard Alta Aluminum Tripod

Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod with Alta......
  • Macc (Multi-Angle Center Column) For Limitless Shooting Angles With Hexagonal Center Column. Effortless smooth operation and rapid set-up
  • Position Versatility - 3 Section Legs With 4 Position Angles - 20°, 40°, 60°, 80° And Rock Solid Positioning - Unique “Locked” To “Unlocked” Twist Leg Lock System
  • Extra Stability - Canopy Suspension Loop For Counterbalance Weight And Alta Link - 3/8 Thread Bonus Connection For Any Accessory: Reflector, Articulated Or Flexible Arms, And More
Vanguard Alta Aluminum Tripod
Vanguard Alta Aluminum Tripod

All Alta Pro tripods contain stability and flexibility that are unmatched by other types of tripods available on the market today. This particular tripod (like other models) allows for more angle possibilities thanks to its innovative Multi-Angle Center Column (MACC) system. This system allows you to move the central column from angles of 0 to 180 degrees in variable horizontal and vertical positions.

The locking system (ISSL) manages to reposition the central column safely with a simple movement in a few seconds. Additional features on this tripod include advanced camera shake and vibration control, and adjustable aluminium alloy legs. Photography lovers will get some incredible experiences when buying this tripod to want some fascinating results.

A tripod offers excellent characteristics and can be taken anywhere, no matter how difficult the conditions are. Thanks to its central column in the shape of a hexagon, the tripod provides greater stability; In addition, it is non-slip due to its spiked rubber feet. It is available in the market for an extremely affordable price compared to what it offers you.


  • It is compatible with DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, and video camera
  • The tripod manufacturer brand is VANGUARDIA
  • The material that is present in the tripod is aluminum
  • The ball head is the tripod head type
  • It is available in a black color
  • The maximum height this tripod can reach is approximately 68 inches (equal to its minimum height).
  • The folding size is 28.1
  • Has a weight limit of about 15.4 pounds
  • The total weight of the tripod is about 2.44 kilograms
  • Contains quick turn leg locks
  • Provides long-term use
  • Good for outdoor work
  • Your ball head moves very smoothly
  • The configuration of some parts of the tripod requires the use of separate tools

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3. Amazon Basics Travel Tripod

Amazon Basics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag...
  • Lightweight tripod with adjustable-height legs and rubber feet
  • Compatible with most video cameras, digital cameras, still cameras, GoPro devices, smartphone adapters (not included), and scopes.
  • Recommended max load weight is 6.6 lbs (3kg) for optimal performance
Amazon Basics Travel Tripod
Amazon Basics Travel Tripod

This adjustable, pistol-head tripod provides independent control of the tilt axis and for full 360-degree panoramas. Its configurations are extremely fast and simple, preventing you from wasting your time in the most important moments to capture images outdoors. Screw the quick-release mounting plate onto the Nikon camera, and with the push of a button, you can remove the camera from the tripod for mobility.

The locks found on the drop legs control two adjustable leg sections that can quickly extend or collapse. If you want to buy this tripod to attach to a Nikon camera, it will bring you a convenient carrying bag and an Allen key. In addition, with the purchase of this tripod, you can take a quick-release mounting plate offered by the manufacturer.

It is a tripod with correct and simple shots since its pistol grip design allows camera movement. The three legs on this tripod are fully adjustable for almost all angles, plus they have three-angle leg stops that lock in place. The rubber feet that hide the metal spikes for outdoor grounds are ideal for use on indoor floors.


  • The manufacturer brand is Amazon Basics
  • The material with which this tripod is constructed is aluminum
  • Tripod head type is pistol grip type
  • The weight limit of the tripod is about 11 pounds.
  • The total weight of the tripod is about 6.99 pounds.
  • The aluminum legs of the tripod have adjustable heights and are made of rubber with retractable metal spikes for outdoor use.
  • Pistol grip design allows cameras to be positioned in any position, including a 90-degree angle
  • The maximum height reached is 72.6 inches, and the minimum is 34.4 inches
  • It includes a comfortable and fun carrying case
  • It is completely ideal for indoors and outdoors
  • Adjustments are very smooth and fluid
  • It is completely rigid
  • Pistol grip head will not stay up

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4. SIRUI Traveler Carbon Tripod

SIRUI Traveler 7C Camera Tripod 65.55 inches Carbon Fiber......
  • Solid Construction: High quality carbon fiber camera tripod, construction for maximum lightness and sturdiness. Center column with hook for hanging goods to increase stability. Max. loading Capacity: 17.6 lbs/8kg. Tripod weighs only 3.46lbs/1.57kg.
  • Adjustable and Extendable: 4-section carbon fiber legs with quick release twist-locks allow you to adjust the working height from 18.9" to 65.55" in seconds, while with a folded height of 18.9". 3-position leg angle adjustment system can provide flexible shooting for different photography scenarios and conditions.
  • 2-in-1 Tripod and Monopod: 2-in-1 tripod, it's functional design allows it to be used in tripod, monopod or walking stick mode to make your photography more diverse, you can converted into a full size monopod by screwing together the center column and the removable tripod leg. Its invertible central column also allows for super low shots and great Macro control.
SIRUI Traveler Carbon Tripod
SIRUI Traveler Carbon Tripod

This tripod comes with a set of Allen keys, and you can use them to secure the ball head to the tripod without any hassle. It is very easy to place in a backpack and handbag to be transported to any outdoor environment thanks to its size. It makes everything very easy due to its excellent construction. It is small and very light; worth your purchase considering the quality.

It very easily keeps Nikon cameras upside down for shots low to the ground, plus it can very quickly become a comfortable monopod. You can be very happy with this tripod since it contains an incredible quality in its construction, and it serves as a 2 in 1 (tripod and monopod). Although some things can improve on this SIRUI tripod, it is worth buying from any online or physical store these days.

It is one of the best models on the market that you can currently get and belongs to SIRUI. One of the most striking aspects is the possibility of a quick redesign from a tripod to a monopod. If you are an amateur traveler who likes to take pictures on the go, you should consider this tripod model right now.


  • The manufacturer of the tripod is SIRUI
  • The main material for the manufacture of the tripod is carbon fiber
  • The video head is the type of head available on this tripod.
  • The weight limit for this tripod is about 6.61 pounds.
  • Contains about four legs as sections
  • The total weight of the tripod is about 2.8 pounds (without the video head)
  • Thanks to its weight it is very easy to transport anywhere (light but very durable)
  • Its central column has hooks to hang goods and thus increase stability
  • Its functional design allows you to use it as a video tripod or monopod for photos
  • Adjustable and Extensible
  • Legs Folded about 180 degrees
  • A portable bag Included
  • May have a better soft grip for the top

5. Amazon Basics Lightweight Tripod

Amazon Basics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag...
  • Lightweight tripod with adjustable-height legs and rubber feet
  • Compatible with most video cameras, digital cameras, still cameras, GoPro devices, smartphone adapters (not included), and scopes.
  • Recommended max load weight is 6.6 lbs (3kg) for optimal performance
Amazon Basics Lightweight Tripod
Amazon Basics Lightweight Tripod

Here is a very light tripod and perfect for the vast majority of Nikon cameras that weigh up to about 6.6 pounds in their entirety. Configuration is usually very quick and easy; the included bag makes transport and storage easy and comfortable. The legs of this tripod can easily be expanded from 20 to 48 inches, offering greater heights for capturing photos and videos.

The leg locks can be released smoothly and slide easily to the heights photographers want to have on the tripod. When you buy this tripod, the box includes a convenient carrying case with a zipper that you can use to take it anywhere. It is an extremely affordable tripod, easy to transport, and has many more features that make it an ideal choice.

It is a tripod with two different levels; one is on the top of the legs, and the other is on the head. Everything on the tripod is very basic, but it does the necessary work that some amateur photographers may require. This tripod’s design and low cost make it a great option to consider, given its price range and the quality you get.


  • The GoPro is the device compatible with this tripod
  • Amazon Basics is the brand that manufactures the tripod
  • The material with which the tripod is made is aluminum
  • Available in only one color (black)
  • The maximum height the tripod can reach is about 158 ​​centimeters
  • Its minimum height is about 60.5 centimeters
  • The weight limit for this tripod is about 6.6 pounds.
  • The total weight of the tripod is about 2.9 pounds
  • It is compatible with most video, digital, and still cameras
  • Lightweight
  • Contains Rubber Feet
  • Adjustable Heights
  • Beginner Tripod

6. National Geographic Travel Tripod

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Travel Tripod Kit,90°Column 5-Section......
  • THE IDEAL TRAVEL COMPANION: The National Geographic Travel Photo Tripod Kit is a complete, lightweight and compact solution for on-the-go photography and made of high-quality Carbon Fibre. Universal and Compatible.
  • CAPTURE ANY SHOT: 90°column mechanism for shooting from ground level or directly overhead. Perfect for macro photography.
  • COMPACT AND MIGHTY: From CSCs to DSLRs with zoom lenses, this model securely supports a payload of kit up to 8kg
National Geographic Travel Tripod
National Geographic Travel Tripod

Here is a curious small travel tripod with a carbon fiber material that is compact, light, resistant, and versatile at the same time. When extended, it can reach extremely comfortable heights for people who want to take photos on the go. It is very easy to store in most carry bags and travel backpacks due to its comfortable size.

The tripod has about three leg-angle stops that allow you a much more versatile positioning on any type of surface. It is extremely light and intelligent that it is designed with a monopod. You just have to remove the tripod leg with the padded heater and place it on the central column. Its lightweight makes it worthy of being a travel tripod, where photographers can rely on the snap-hook at the bottom.

The ball head found on this tripod is designed to give photographers smoother movements to frame desired shots. If you are one of those people who is fascinated by landscape photography, you are going to love the panoramic lock of the detached head of this tripod. This lock allows you to take amazing panoramic images very easily and precisely, thanks to the 360-degree panorama index.


  • The devices compatible with this tripod are DSLR and CSC cameras.
  • The manufacturer brand is National Geographic
  • The tripod is made of carbon fiber material
  • The ball head is the type of head that is available on the tripod.
  • Reaches a maximum height of 158 centimeters
  • The weight limit of the tripod is 8 kilograms
  • The total weight of the tripod is about 1.33 kilograms
  • Contains five leg sections available
  • It is an ideal travel companion that comes in a super kit from National Geographic
  • Reliability
  • Lightweight and Comprehensive
  • 90-degree column mechanism
  • It cannot fold very easily and simply

7. SIRUI Carbon Fiber 5C Tripod

SIRUI Carbon Fiber Travel 5C Tripod 54.3 inches Lightweight......
  • Solid Construction: High quality carbon fiber camera tripod, construction for maximum lightness and sturdiness. Center column with hook for hanging goods to increase stability. Max. loading Capacity: 8.8lbs/4kg. Tripod weighs only 1.87lbs/0.85kg.
  • Adjustable and Extendable: 5-section carbon fiber legs with quick release twist-locks allow you to adjust the working height from 6.3" to 54.3" in seconds, while with a folded height of 13". 3-position leg angle adjustment system can provide flexible shooting for different photography scenarios and conditions.
  • 360° Ball-Head and Panoramic View: With two independent control knobs, the specially designed ball-head can rotate 360° allows you to take photos at any angle in horizontal and vertical directions, making it easy to take panoramic photos and video shooting. Quick release plate with standard 1/4" screw for fast camera connection, compatible with almost all DSLR such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, Pentax and more.
SIRUI Carbon Fiber 5C Tripod
SIRUI Carbon Fiber 5C Tripod

Here is Best Tripod for Nikon D3200 that you can currently get from online stores, and all it has to offer makes it worth paying for. The ark plate works great in conjunction with other standard items such as phone mounts (this mounts directly to the ball joint). If you want to have a light tripod that is easy to take anywhere, this SIRUI model is one of the most suitable.

Its ascents and descents of heights are relatively very easy; although it is not the fastest tripod to fold, it is not bad in this regard. It contains a range sufficient to perform the most common tasks when capturing images or videos with a Nikon camera. Offers a great balance between folded size and paving heights; plus, twist locks never go out of adjustment.

This option that you can get in the market is very easy to transport thanks to the fact that it is a very light and durable tripod. Overall this tripod is great value for money, and it is in an ideal location for tripods to use on travel. There are some much cheaper options, but they are poorly built, and the material is not what is present in this tripod model.


  • The devices compatible with this tripod are DSLR cameras.
  • The manufacturer of the tripod is SIRUI
  • The manufacturing material used in the tripod is carbon fiber
  • The ball head is the type of head present in the tripod
  • Its color is traveler type 5
  • The weight limit for the tripod is 8.8 pounds.
  • The total weight of the tripod is about 2.3 pounds
  • Contains only five leg sections
  • Its construction is totally solid, which allows it to be of high quality
  • Hooks for Stability
  • 360-degree ball head
  • Can Take Multi-angle shots
  • The head does not have a quick release

8. Vanguard VEO 2 235CB

Vanguard VEO 2 235CB Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod with VEO 2......
  • Exclusive and innovative central column system that allows you to set the central column and tripod legs in less than 15 seconds
  • 1st rate carbon fiber material for lightweight & long-lasting working sessions and advanced twist lock system for fast and rock solid position setting
  • Multi-action ball head with 3 independent knobs for lock, pan, and friction control operation. Ergonomic knobs provide up to 13.2 pound work load performance for quality images. Arca compatible QS-60S QR plate
Vanguard VEO 2 235CB
Vanguard VEO 2 235CB

Composing unique architectural photographs, capturing the most unexpected moments of wildlife and people may now be possible. With this Best Tripod for Nikon D3100, you will have incredible opportunities to share your stories with others by taking pictures or videos. You can take it with you anywhere and configure it in just a few seconds; In addition, the use of the advanced engineering legs is very helpful.

Rotating locking systems give you confidence while enjoying the most creative and versatile positions for capturing images. The VEO 2 235CB tripod is designed to be one of the best options and passports for taking pictures on the go. You can easily place the center column of this tripod in its ideal place and connect the camera, leaving everything ready to take a few shots at any time.

Thanks to its rubber feet designed at an angle, this tripod provides perfect grips on the ground. The legs, made of carbon fibers in their five sections, come with an incredible locking system in fast turns.


  • The device that is 100% compatible with this tripod is the DSLR
  • The manufacturer brand is Vanguardia
  • Carbon fiber is the material that is present in this tripod
  • The ball head is the type of head that the tripod has
  • Available in a total gray color
  • Height when folded reaches approximately 15.7 in.
  • The total weight of the tripod is about 1,200 grams
  • Contains about five leg sections
  • The extended height of the tripod reaches about 57.1 inches
  • Innovative central column
  • Build By Carbon fiber Material
  • The ball head is multi-action
  • The swivel feet locks cannot be removed for cleaning

9. UBeesize Portable Tripod

Phone Tripod, UBeesize Portable and Adjustable Camera Stand......
  • 2019 Upgraded: This cell phone tripod is upgraded in 2019 with stronger material for peerless durability, the defect rate is down more than 80% from this year. And your purchase is guaranteed by UBeesize lifetime service.
  • Get The Perfect Angle - Adjustable OCTOPUS style legs help to capture clean shots from any angle even in the move. Want a view difficult to get with common tripod? This is your best choice!
  • Stable On Any Surface - Made of very strong durable foam and plastic, the ball head and no-slip feet make positioning and straightening devices easy
UBeesize Portable Tripod
UBeesize Portable Tripod

That is an excellent model that doubles as a tabletop tripod and, in turn, is ideal for taking on all trips abroad. You can record the most wonderful moments when you are travelling, thanks to this practical and very portable tripod. It will help you share the most wonderful things that happen in the day with your dearest friends and family.

Capture life’s most fleeting moments right now with this flexible and compact tripod that has a lot to offer. When you buy this type of tripod for your smartphone, the box includes one phone holder adapter and one remote shutter. In addition, you can get one adaptation support such as GoPro which can be very useful.

If you search for a suitable, affordable, compact tripod for your smartphone, this model is the most indicated. You will be able to achieve excellent results in the photographs (selfies) and videos that you want to mount on your social networks. This type of tripod can be classified as the most portable and compact that can apply to any activity outdoors and indoors.


  • Smart cell phones are compatible devices with this tripod.
  • The brand in charge of manufacturing this tripod is Belsize
  • Metal and rubber are the materials that are present in this tripod.
  • The ball head is the type of head that this tripod has
  • It is available in the market in only black colour
  • It has a total weight of 150 grams
  • Its flexible and compact legs are capable of wrapping poles, branches, and even bicycles
  • Wireless remote control
  • It is very resistant
  • Good for Portrait and landscape modes
  • The legs do not necessarily lock onto the main body of the tripod

10. SIRUI SL-200 Tripod

SIRUI SL-200 Tripod Extension Pole, Two-Section Carbon Fiber......
  • 【Material and Stability】: Adopting lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber and with strong 1.2"/29.4mm diameter leg tubes, SL-200 has reliable stability and can support weight up to 15kg/33.1lb.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】: The mounting screw can be switched easily from 1/4" to 3/8" by twisting the provided Allen wrench. Thus, SL-200 is compatible with different heads and cameras. Meanwhile, with 3/8” screw hole at the bottom, it can be attached with all AM series mini tripods for additional height.
  • 【Flexible Height】: The height of the 2-section SL-200 can be adjusted flexibly from 7.9”/200mm to 12.6”/ 320mm with convenient adjustment mechanism.
SIRUI SL-200 Tripod
SIRUI SL-200 Tripod

This Best Tripod for Nikon D3100 is designed to achieve professional photographs since it is capable of withstanding any weather condition. It is extremely light and provides high stability when capturing images or videos with a Nikon camera or other brands. This SL-200 model, like all the AM-2 series tripods, has the presence of the best construction materials that provide high quality.

If you need this tripod a little higher, the central column can purchase separately; you just have to screw it and go. It has the same functions and equipment as the other models in the AM-2 series.

It is an extremely simple and compact tripod that can use for some emergencies or if you do not have an adequate budget. If you want to have a compact and very cheap tripod to travel, this is the best option to choose.


  • Still cameras and camcorders are tripod-compatible devices.
  • The manufacturer brand is SIRUI
  • It is made of a carbon fiber material
  • It is only commercially available in a black color
  • The maximum height you can get is 20 centimeters
  • The weight limit supported is 1 pound
  • The total weight of the tripod is 0.5 pounds
  • Contains only two leg sections
  • Anti-twist design
  • Easy to carry
  • Allows connection of multiple accessories
  • There is no level on the tripod legs

Buying Factors

Best Tripods for Nikon D3300, D3200 & D3100

1. Quality of Legs

Taking some shots outdoors, on various occasions, requires that a tripod has sufficient quality in its legs. A good tripod that is structured with excellent quality will withstand the most difficult situations that arise. Typically, for tripod legs to be classified as good quality, they must have carbon fiber or aluminum.

Before you proceed to choose a tripod for your Nikon D3300, D3200, or D3100 camera, you should know what the construction material of the legs is. Depending on the material, you can quickly know the quality of the tripod and its legs; In addition, you will know the approximate quality of life that you can have.

2. Easy to Use

What would life be like for novice and professional photographers if tripods weren’t easy to use? You must be aware of the ease and comfort that some of the tripods already mentioned in this article can provide you. As long as the tripod model is much easier and more comfortable, you will have more opportunities to transport it anywhere.

3. Material of Tripod

The material in constructing a tripod is extremely important since it depends on how long the object will last. The higher quality of the material present on the tripod will be an ideal option to choose from. Aluminium and carbon fibre are materials that make a tripod durable and provide good leg stability.

4. Load Capacity

You must think very well about the maximum weight that the tripod you want to buy right now can support. A tripod will take care of the weight of the Nikon camera and the lens that you will use with the camera. If you buy a very light tripod, it is very capable that it does not support the weight; For this reason, you should choose a model that has a strong structure.

5. Stability

Do not buy extremely light tripods as they lose stability in the most adverse weather conditions. The types of firm and tall tripods are the most stable but can be found on the market for a very high price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tripods worth it?

Yes; Using a tripod for stability on Nikon cameras is completely worth it. With this complimentary accessory, you will be able to obtain better results in photographs and video captures.

How do I know what tripod fits my camera?

By reading each of the characteristics and specifications of the tripods, you will be able to approximate which one is ideal for your camera. Seek help and advice from the most professional when it comes to wanting this information.

How do I choose a tripod for my DSLR?

You can be guided by the help of professionals and articles like this one that specifies each of the characteristics of the tripods. Choosing an ideal tripod for this type of camera is not a complicated task.

Why do photographers use tripods?

The use of a tripod with a camera makes much more professional and static shots possible. This device allows a resting place and stability for the cameras that can be placed on any surface.


Tripods have become important accessories for cameras and necessary for photographers. Depending on the different needs, this article compiles the ten best tripod options for 2022. Get an ideal tripod for Nikon D3300, D3200, or D3100 cameras right now.

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