Best Tripods For Fuji XT2 Cameras

Knowing which best tripods are for Fuji XT2 helps to know the comparisons that have to be made within the market. There is a wide range of options, but not all have the excellence of functions and features appropriate for the uses you want to give them.

This is why this review meets Best Tripods for Fuji XT2 for the needs you may have. Although not all have the same characteristics, they present very precise functions for excellent use for anyone who has a Fuji XT2 and requires an excellent tripod.

4 Best Tripods For Fuji XT2 Cameras Reviews 2022

Best Tripods For Fuji XT2 Cameras

Dolica GX650B204 Tripod

Best Pick
Dolica GX650B204
Dolica GX650B204

This is one of the best tripods that has broad compatibility with DSLR devices, with a ball head and black color throughout. At the same time. Features a reversible locking centre column and leg locks that are highly durable, extending your durability further.


Thanks to the integrated bubble level and its 4-position angle adjustment locks, it is highly convenient. Its height variations depend on the maximum height of the central column, reaching up to a height of 65 inches, ideal for indoor photography or photo shoots that are simple and require a small tripod.

When it is closed, its height is 25 inches, facilitating its storage and transfer process, being elements of great importance for those who photograph with it in various places for a long time.


Once this tripod is purchased, you can count on a full warranty time of 5 years, achieving a resolution to technical problems that may arise in the long term. All this will always review previously to know if this brand is the one that presented the fault, or it was additional damage due to problems in its treatment and use.


With an aluminium alloy, it has a lightweight structure accompanied by plastic polymer accessories, thus greatly expanding its size and quality. All this also helps find comfort in whatever type of space or environment Best Tripods for Fuji XT2 is being used.


  • Ball joint with quick release plate and 3/8-inch bracket for cameras
  • It has a security system for cameras
  • Its bushes have rubbers for location on unstable soils


  • Has technical imperfections when installing the counterweight hook

Undoubtedly, this is an option for you and more appropriate for indoor or outdoor photo shoots that do not require a lot of height or scenery changes. Many professional photographers prefer it, being a very simple tripod, but with excellent functionalities and features for a Fuji XT2.

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SIRUI AM-225 Camera Tripod

Budget Pick
SIRUI AM-225 Camera Tripod
SIRUI AM-225 Camera Tripod

This is from top products with the most basic details, but of excellence, that are known in the market, presenting a closed competition with the rest of the options in this review. Featuring excellent full of additional settings, it is ideal for those who have a Fuji XT2 and use it for more complicated tasks than simple photo shoots.


Its adjustment system is very easy to use, featuring 5-section column legs with swivel leg locks for various options in working heights. These can go from 2.76 “to 47.2”, managing to make changes quickly and without too many problems.

Its rubber feet can be loosened quickly and easily, replaced with stainless steel tips ideal for more stable surfaces.


Thanks to very light materials in its manufacture, it weighs 2.5 pounds, ideal to be transported easily. In addition, it is an excellent feature for those who travel to different places or use them outdoors regularly.

Due to its carbon fiber accessories, it is resistant to corrosion and the great variations in temperature that can occur drastically. In addition, it is very flexible, stable, and with an ideal transfer system at all times.

Central column

If desired, it is possible to make the center column of this tripod higher for focusing with increments of height. It is a tool that can even purchase separately under the name of SL-200. It is possible to have variations of the functionalities due to its removable central column.


  • It is suitable for any use
  • Accessories can be attached to your snap hook
  • It has carbon legs


  • Not all their presentations have an aluminum head

The most outstanding characteristics of this tripod make it appear as an excellent option for those who want to know the best tripods for Fuji XT2. This camera needs excellent accessories and, without a doubt, excellence is found in this type of tripod available to all users.

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SIRUI AM-223 Carbon Fiber Camera Tripod

Staff Pick
SIRUI AM-223 Tripod
SIRUI AM-223 Tripod

it has a wide variety of options in terms of functionalities and adjustments. Although it is the same as the previous option, this alternative is suitable due to its ease, which is very important today.


This is one of the tripods with the highest durability guarantees available on the market, as it has excellent quality materials that adapt to the different utilities generated. Its dimensions are small, weighing 1.62 pounds thanks to its carbon fiber reinforcements.


As is well known, this tripod has smaller dimensions than the previous one, managing to weigh less and adapting its transfer system quickly and easily for anyone who wants it. Its tubes are 0.63 “, which increases the ease of use and location in any space, allowing it to be placed indoors or outdoors at any time.

Easy to use

Its settings are very simple to maintain, changing the heights to have accurate shots when taking pictures with the Fuji XT2. From this, it stands out that it can vary its heights from 2.3 “to 5.1” 8 inches immediately when necessary, being easy to create an adaptation to small places.


  • It is ideal for travel
  • Your centre column can be raised higher than the overall maximum height
  • It is completely manual. Being simple, it’s preferential handling


  • It does not have many height extension freedoms

This is from tripods for Fuji XT2 cameras that are on the market for ease of location and use in different environments. At the same time, it presents ideal elements so that the Fuji XT2 can use in approaches that are not so common to carry out, an excellent tool with long-term functionalities.

SIRUI Carbon Fiber Traveler 5CX

SIRUI 5CX Tripod
SIRUI 5CX Tripod

Finally, this is another outstanding option from the Sirui brand with the most appropriate functionalities in the entire market. At the same time, it has unique characteristics, making it one of the most purchased alternatives in the world for several years.


The compatible devices on this tripod are DSLRs, featuring high-quality carbon reinforcements to make them lighter and more robust, allowing support for any camera. In addition, its central column with a hook that supports up to 13.2 pounds of the load is an ideal tool.

All its compatibility allows your head to rotate 360 ​​° to have a panoramic view associated with the quality of the Fuji XT2 camera.


Its legs are reinforced with carbon fiber and five sections with rotatable closures to give a quick release after a previous adjustment in any of its height measurements. It can be extended from 3.54 to 51.97 inches in seconds while maintaining a folded height of 12.4 inches.

In addition, it features a leg angle adjustment, creating three positions that can take to take shots from different quality photographic locations.


This have multi-angle shots, as the central column is removable and helps to have low angles in any environment and macro shots. Once the column is attached back to the tripod, you get a simple setup system that easily adapts to other types of shooting.


  • Easy to transport
  • Presents a solid structure
  • It is compatible with different brands of cameras


  • Has an awkward height after being folded

Being among the Best Tripods for Fuji XT2 available in the market, this is a tripod with highly valued features, which helps to have greater functions of use. Thanks to this, it is preferred by many users, achieving its location in indoor or outdoor spaces, which is highly versatile.


Considering these options, which are the four best that exist, helps to have an appropriate choice for Best Tripods for Fuji XT2. In addition, the opportunity to resort to several of them stands out, a decision of great help for those who have extensive photographic studios and with various specialists in the field who require the use of tripods.

According to the characteristics found, the purchase process becomes simpler when the needs are taken into account. Thus, if you have a Fuji XT2 camera, it becomes a more practical decision to take different paths, if you prefer.

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