Benro Basic Video Tripod Kit (KH25P) Review

When looking for the best tripod options on the market, it is important to consider this comprehensive and useful Benro KH25P Tripod Review. This type of content helps you be more oriented about what features …

Benro KH25P Review - basic video tripod

When looking for the best tripod options on the market, it is important to consider this comprehensive and useful Benro KH25P Tripod Review. This type of content helps you be more oriented about what features are most important when generating video content with your newfound knowledge from reading through their handy guide.

Accuracy and robustness is important when creating videos, which is why many cameras require tripods that can be located and achieve what is desired. Thanks to the fact that this Benro KH25P is available for you to inform yourself, you will know if the tripod in question is what you need to create audiovisual content of any kind.

The Benro Basic Video Tripod Kit – KH25P

Benro tropid with camera mounted

It’s always a good idea to know what you need before going out and buying anything, but it is especially important when looking for the best tripods on the market. This Benro KH25P Review will help give insight into why this tripod is an excellent choice now.

In case you decide on this tool, do not hesitate to ask the questions that may be asked of the seller you go to, even if it is directly with the company and manufacturer Benro. Below, you will find the salient features devised for the Benro Basic Video Tripod Kit.


1. Stability

The stability of this tripod is wide because, thanks to its double leg suitable for compact cameras and DSLR / mirrorless cameras. Added to this are 2 3/8 ”-16 threads with accessories for their assembly that simplify the whole process without ceasing to present the stability that corresponds to it.

It features an adjustable mid-level spreader that can be removed, increasing rigidity and being one of the most important elements of the Benro Basic Video Tripod Kit. Locks of up to 9 kg can be attached to the tripod, and it features twist locks, independent tilts, slide plates for quick release of the cameras, and independent adjustments for each of the legs, which have rubber bands on their metal tips to adhere to various surfaces.

2. Compatibility

This tripod is completely designed for professional cameras or camcorders. Therefore, it is estimated that it shows compatibility with most of them, being the best-known brands, with some with immediate compatibility.

3. Design

Benro KH25P Video Tripod

The featured design on the Benro KH25P details items such as a black colored tripod with their respective mounting hardware and weighing up to 11 pounds. Your brand has stipulated a storage case for transport, which is a great help for transfers to any place.

Additionally, an 11-pound capacity video head is featured, with a QR skid plate along with a fixed pan and tilt drag in front of a 2362mm leveling ball. Its spacer is medium level to achieve greater rigidity and increase the height ranges with its upper and outer surfaces due to the legs that have rubber feet, achieving greater leveling and resistance.

4. Material

it is estimated that it is made of steel, but in most of its presentations, it has aluminum alloy. In addition, its levels in the upper part are made with some plastic reinforcements, and its feet are made of rubber for greater resistance and adherence to various surfaces.

5. Maximum Height and Minimum Height

With a great breadth in its height changes, this tripod ensures that it presents a height range of 8.9 cm to 24 inches. To this is added the insurance of the extension sections, being 3 for a greater amplitude and rigidity of the tripod from any of its levels, thus achieving greater stability of the images taken.

Thanks to this, it is possible that the tripod is stored in its respective case with the additional elements necessary for its installation. If you want, you can move the tripod quickly and easily, which is very useful when you have scattered recordings in different places.

Pros and Cons


  • Features compatibility with compact camcorders and DSLR cameras.
  • It has a storage bag for the tripod and its additional elements.
  • Presents a great support system for unstable surfaces.
  • It has simple security elements to open and close when height changes.
  • It can be placed in any space for outdoor camouflage.


  • The brands with which it is compatible are not displayed.
  • Their rubber feet tend to come off the metal ones.

Should You Buy And Why?

Benro head

Finding alternatives implies that they have excellent quality, affordable prices, extensive durability, and a valid warranty. it can be established that this tripod does present such estimates, adding to it its functional characteristics that stand out among other alternatives on the market.

The Benro brand is best known in this field of images and videos, with excellent accessories such as these tripods with different functionalities. If you have one or more professional cameras, take the Benro KH25P Review 100% into account to achieve perfect shots in your recordings.

Added to this is the simple use of a tripod that is easily within reach, so you can go to Benro directly to get your hands on it. The costs are not very high and, whenever you want, you can keep the tripod in its respective case after the recurring cleaning given after using it with your tools to achieve it.

This has all the basic elements for any recording in different spaces. Its functions are easily adapted to your requirements and are in great need. Do you want to have an excellent tripod? Don’t doubt that the Benro video tripod is ideal for this!

Final Words

Undoubtedly, the characteristics that stand out in the Benro tripod make it essential when making recordings. Excellent resistance and support will allow you to make recordings at different heights and with full-quality details according to your video camera.

Compatibility is immediate, so you don’t have to worry about it when you have a Benro KH25N tripod. If you always have limited space for your equipment, your storage system, and luggage are your best option for the needs found.

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