Benro FGP28A Tripod Review

Only by using a Benro FGP28A Review will you know all the main characteristics of this tripod for digital cameras that it has to offer. It may happen that after a thorough review of each of the tripods in the Benro range, some details have previously been overlooked. Currently, there is misinformation about these products and, at the same time, the number of people who are looking for solutions and advice is totally large.

For this and other reasons, in this article, you will find relevant and important information about this type of tripod available in 2022. This Benro FGP28A Review is the most effective and fast one that will help you be very clear about what this particular has to offer you tripod. Generally, all the tripods belonging to the Benro line are always considered excellent options and devices usually of good quality.

Benro FGP28A Review 2022 – An Ultimate Guide

Benro FGP28A Tripod Review

Right now, the Benro FGP28A is very slowly carving out a market for itself and has become quite popular with the public. She has steadily and progressively built a solid reputation within the community that is a faithful follower of the ideal tripods for its digital cameras. The Benro FGP28A Review that you will find here contains one of the main characteristics that make this type of tripod an excellent option to choose from.

Although many other reviews get the most important highlight of this tripod out of the way, this full review is something else entirely. Many experts and the community have recommended other models over and above the Benro FGP28A, but this is still an ideal choice for digital cameras. This curious model of travel tripod is made of aluminum tubes and machined magnesium and aluminum alloy components.

The tripod comes to combine its reverse folding legs that wrap completely around the center column. That provides a much more compact unit so that it can be transported anywhere and with great ease. In addition, it contains an interesting and versatile center column that you can remove from its conventional vertical position and rotate it in a 180-degree arc.

The built-in design allows you to detach one leg and automatically turns the tripod into a fabulous monopod. Fully accepts all SystemGo accessories, making this tripod a portable and transportable workstation. This model from the Benro line is an excellent option that you can get on the market in 2022 for a considerable price.

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1. Quick Leg Lock

The Benro FGP28A has a quick locking system on the legs that improves stability in the images taken with digital cameras. It provides much faster deployment and makes the tripod more resistant to dust in outdoor environments. The type of leg lock is the twist, making this tripod model much faster and more comfortable for this particular feature.

The swivel leg lock system contained in this tripod is much easier to use than other quick leg lock system types. It allows you to build and disassemble the tripod much faster than other models that have different locks on the legs.

2. 180 Degree Center Column

This tripod’s central column is very versatile and has 180 degrees that allow you unlimited possibilities in positioning. The digital cameras can be positioned at any angle and capture the best images/videos thanks to these 180 degrees in the central column. The positions that you can achieve with this tripod are vertical, inverted, and horizontal positions; each is ideal for certain shots.

The center column also features an amazing, unique sidearm feature. That allows the column to be tilted horizontally. One of the legs of this tripod (marked with a blue ring) can join with the central column and form a monopod.

3. Foldable Travel Design

The foldable design of the Benro FGP28A makes it a particularly useful tripod for travel and a very compact product. For many users, no better travel tripod like this can fit in travel backpacks without any problem.

A good travel design on a tripod is a feature that you should always consider before buying this product in a store. It is a very portable option that can accompany you on all those adventures you want to capture images or videos outside.

4. Material

The material in a tripod is extremely important since the quality and durability of the product depend on it. In this case, the material present in the Benro FGP28A is aluminum, providing quality in its legs and all components. Aluminum is a material that allows the tripod not to be so heavy and can be transported anywhere you want to capture images or videos.

5. Maximum Height and Minimum Height

The maximum height that this tripod can reach is 65.2 inches, a considerable height and very beneficial for some photographers. If it is a maximum height (24-inch leg angle) with a retracted column, it will reach 53.3 inches. In contrast, the minimum usable height is about 15.35 inches; this is a complete descent to ground level.

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Pros And Cons


  • It is an extremely compact and versatile tripod with an excellent center column.
  • Its aluminum construction makes it a durable tripod, but not that heavy
  • Its legs are rotatable folding back
  • It is perfect for low-level macro photography
  • Included in the purchase, a case for easy transport of the tripod (padded and high quality)
  • Its feet are made of rubber and contain spikes
  • Has an attachable hook that allows additional weight and thus increases stability


  • Lacks rubber or foam grips on the legs, making it uncomfortable to use the tripod in cold outdoor environments.
  • Maybe slightly lower than the original price
  • It does not have a sufficiently complete stiffness
  • The design of the central column can be flawed
  • For some people, this tripod may be heavy for travel

Why Should You Buy This Tripod?

It is a comfortable and excellent option to consider if you do not have a very high budget. The Benro FGP28A is a tripod that provides the necessary and most vital for all those who want to capture photos or videos. It is, for some, an excellent tripod to take on a trip, providing easy transport anywhere in its comfortable padded case.


The definitive Benro FGP28A Review is that this tripod does its job very well and has excellent quality in the complete construction of the apparatus. To this day, he has earned a decent and modest reputation within the broad community of professional and novice photographers. Although the Benro FGP28A is a definite tripod to be a great source of stabilization in images, you can find other models on the market.

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