Are 5th Wheel Tripods Worth It?

This is quite a  pressing question the trailer noobs will have. It’s simple, you have to first understand what a 5th wheel tripod is.

A 5th wheel tripod is a special type of tripod used for holding your trailer in place to prevent it from rocking sideways or back and forth while you move around in it.

Are 5th Wheel Tripods Worth It?

Yes totally. It also depends on what you want it for or how you intend to get one. You can get a 5th wheel tripod on amazon or if you’re a shrewd and risky type you can get yours at a garage sale. After spending several hundred dollars purchasing a trailer, why do you still need a 5th wheel tripod?

You do because no one wants their abode rocking or bobbing while they walk to get the coffee from the counter. It also going to support any extra weight that might put pressure on your treasured tires. If you buy a durable one, you’ll be reassured that your tripod will support the weight of your trailer and you in it.

How To Make My 5th Wheel Tripod More Stable?

Here are some ways to make your 5th wheel tripod more stable:

  1. Put It Up On A Stable Surface:

This is very important as if the tripod is on a slanted surface, it defeats the aim of the tripod. If any of the tripod legs aren’t placed rightly on the ground the trailer will still tilt or it’ll put a lot of unwanted pressure on the other legs.

  1. Extend The Width Of The Legs Of The Tripod:

It’s a simple fact that the more the surface area, the more the stability. We see this with truck tires, race car tires, etc. It also happens that if you adjust your tripod legs to be wider, you’ll make it more stable than when the legs are closer together occupying less surface area.

  1. Apply Pressure To The Tires:

If you apply some pressure to the tires, the 5th wheel will be much more stable as you take some weight off them.

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What Does A Kingpin Stabilizer Do?

A kingpin is attached to your 5th wheel to help your RV stay balanced and prevent it from rocking from side to side while people move about in it.

You might not know the importance of such a device till you sleep a night in an RV that doesn’t have one and the next night in an RV that has one. It’s quite comfortable and gives your trailer some stability.

How Do You Use An RV Tripod?

To set up an RV tripod here are some simple steps you can follow. While this should be helpful you can also watch tutorial videos on the subject.

  1. Extend The Tripod Legs:

This is the obvious first step. Extend the legs to cover more ground to provide adequate stability for your RV. 

  1. Place It On A Flat Surface:

The tripod has to be on a flat surface so that it can work well. If the surface is flat the tripod legs will be level and balanced thus making your truck balanced too.

  1. Insert Your Chain If Your Tripod Is That Type:

If your tripod needs a chain to hold the legs then you can insert it. Although the design is basic it’s quite sturdy and prevents your tripod legs from sliding apart. Some tripods have a structure that serves this purpose and some are designed not to need such structures.

  1. Attach The Set-up To Your Fifth Wheel:

Some tripods for RVs come with a provision for attaching them to a 5th wheel. These are usually cup-like devices that are attached to the fifth wheel and held in place maintaining the stability of the RV when movement takes place in the RV.

  1. Test The Stability:

Time to know if the thing you purchase works. You can only do so by actually testing it. Get into your RV, move about a bit, and wriggle your body up and down to ensure that your set-up is okay for use. The final testing will let you know if you did well setting it up.

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Recommended 5th Wheel Tripods

There are a lot of companies out there that produce such items and sell them. There are also places where you can get fairly used ones and also, there’s Amazon. We’re going to be giving you recommendations based on those listed on Amazon to help you find your way around.

  1. Ultra Adj Kingpin Tripod Stabilizer
  2. HUSKY TOWING – 33163 5Th Wheel Stabilizer Adjustable
  3. Camco Eaz-Lift King Pin Tripod 5th Wheel Stabilizer
  4. Dumble Gooseneck RV Stabilizer Tripod – 2-5/16in Ball Joint 7500lb Cap 5th Wheel Tripod Stabilizer Adjustable Jack
  5. A-KARCK King Pin Adjustable Tripod 5th Wheel Stabilizer, Fifth Stabilizer Tripod Jack with 5000 lbs Load


Finding the right 5th wheel tripod for your RV is quite easy. All you need to do is get your device, go on Amazon, search for one within your budget, do a little extra research on it, and voila! You’ll get yours delivered to you in a record time for you if you finally pick the right one.

If that doesn’t work for you, you can always find a garage sale and purchase one at an even cheaper price. Also, never forget the watchword while buying one of those and that is sturdiness which provides stability. Also, go for something light but whose structural integrity won’t be compromised. Also, buy a kingpin lock for your RV to prevent it from getting stolen.

We don’t want our mobile homes to get stolen now, would we? Although if you stay in a good neighbourhood you could consider buying it later and not necessarily with the 5th wheel tripod in case you’re on the move again. A 5th wheel tripod is worth it because you’ll be saying goodbye to rocking RVs while you’re trying to sleep.


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